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Are you after a reliable, professional and affordable house cleaning or Bond Cleaning Service on the Sunshine Coast? Keep calm and let Austral Cleaning do your cleaning.

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Sunshine Coast name itself sounds that it is a sunny and bright area which is well known for being the centre of tourism most attractive and the third most fast growing populated area in Australian state of Queensland. As the region becoming more and more residential, searching for an affordable and reliable house cleaning service around Sunshine Coast can be challenging.

Have you been neglecting to do your house cleaning? We all know that House cleaning is not an easy task as just turning on a vacuum. It needs a lot of experience as there are valuable tips and tricks you learn as time pass by.

We at Austral cleaning have been taking care of domestic and commercial cleaning over a period of 12 years locally and internationally gifting our clients the time and energy that they deserve. We let you spend more time and energy on what you enjoy doing.

We know how essential is for you to manage time efficiently and hire a house cleaning service at a reasonable price which suits your finances. Being a professional house cleaning service provider we do cleaning by implementing a strategy that takes on cleaning in systematic, organised while giving our main priority for our customer’s satisfaction.

After all, who doesn’t feel better stepping into a clean, well organised dirt free house. Keeping your home clean and organised lets you focus on the qualities of the house and give you a relaxing peaceful environment.

#1 house cleaners on the Sunshine Coast

In this busy lifestyle, it is really hard to maintain a perfect work-life balance. Everyone deserve to live and work in a completely dirt free environment. But maintaining hygiene and cleanliness requires a lot of efforts.

Our services are ideal for busy individuals like you. This is why we get involved to serve you with a mind blowing house cleaning service across the Sunshine Coast.

Austral Cleaning we position ourselves as one of the leading cleaning service provider and have earned a reputation for offering wide range of cleaning services with guaranteeing a 100% customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond in cleaning for all our customers ensuring that they experience the highest standard of quality around the Sunshine Coast region.

If you have a look at our client testimonial section on our website you will notice that we also hold a successful track record of satisfying our customers.

We have come a long way engaging our business with honestly among small to large size businesses bringing them quality cleaning service.

With an energetic and passionate management on board we are able to provide you complete quality home cleaning solutions at economical prices.

Professional House Cleaners, Sunshine Coast

You must have been working all week; you deserve a break from cleaning your house. Why don’t you go for a swim at the beach while our Austral’s house cleaning team take pride in their work and will make your house really shine.

From the initial time we start cleaning your house you will recognise that our cleaners are very well trained, knowledgeable and contains the necessary skills that are required in order to deliver a high quality house cleaning service. They are reliable and committed to complete their jobs in a professional manner.

All our cleaners makes it through our screening process, well trained and aware of Health and Safety standards appropriate within the cleaning industry. They carry out a modern approach to deliver house cleaning services, using advance techniques and equipments to ensure that you get a long lasting great result every time.

Hiring a professional house cleaning company may be much affordable than you think. When considering the time you are saving.

Austral Cleaning aims to be the highest quality house cleaning service provider in Sunshine Coast at reasonable price. We believe that we have what it takes to do the job right.

Bond Cleaning in Sunshine Coast/End of lease cleaning

Worried about your end of lease inspection? It is a well known truth that shifting to new house can be stressful. The last thing you want to worry about is spending a day or 2 cleaning every corner of your home. It’s not only packing your belongings and getting delivered to your new property, you also need to ensure that the house you are vacating has been left with an outstanding acceptable condition in order for you to get your bond money back in full amount.

Leaving the property in bad condition will definitely cause you problems in receiving your bond money back and negatively impact your reputation as well.

Some real estate agents can be too critical and will hesitate to not give your bond money back unfairly. Since their intension is to hand over the property to new tenants with making it look clean and tidy. However, you need to ensure that you impress the eyes of your real estate agent by cleaning the unit carefully to qualify for a bond return.

You do not want to hire a cleaning service that does a poor job as it will cost you both time and money. This is why it is so important that you invest in a professional bond cleaning service who understands the requirements of the property manager or the real estate agent.

Whether your property is small or large, newer or older Austral Cleaning we are ready to take all the weight on to our shoulders and handle everything in a smoothly manner. We clearly understand that your goal is to present the entire property in the highest level of standard and getting 100% bond money back guaranteed in the shortest time possible.

Our Bond Cleaning team in Sunshine Coast is skilful, experienced and have in depth knowledge on making our customers happy providing a reliable service.

We are committed to deliver a first class quality results to our customers. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our mission and we carefully pay attention into details.

We assure you that our Bond cleaning service will suit you in all aspects such as cleanliness at the same time affordable. In case, if you have not been given a first class service, simply phone us and we will send back our cleaners within 48 hours free of charge.

Our professional cleaning service will ensure to hand over the keys of success to you.

Wait no further. Schedule your clean now if you wish to become our privilege customer, we are happy to provide instant free quote upon your requirements. Once you specify all your requirements we will send you a quote with our best price rates or if you need an urgent quote or booking you can get in touch with our friendly customer support team today on 07 3333 2121 or email us at [email protected]