Window Cleaning

Are you tired of looking at the boring windows in your house? Does it look as if it has a lot of dust and you find it smelly? Worry no more. You have the solution right next to you.

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Window Cleaning

Window cleaning by Austral cleaners

Having dirty and rusty windows is not going to give you the best look for your house. This can spoil the beauty of your house. After long hours of cleaning, you might still feel that the house looks unclean. This is because of the dusty windows. Having marks on the glasses, dirty curtains,dust and cobwebs on window grills, stains on window sills, etc.These impurities should be removed immediately. Austral cleaners who are experts in window cleaning is here to help you have brighter windows. Why waste money in buying new glass and making the frames again. Hire Austral cleaners to get your windows to shine at a reasonable rate.We provide you with a promising service that can make you satisfied looking at our result.Our trained friendly cleaners are experts in doing both commercial and domestic window cleaning. First, the window will be dusted well and the cobwebs will be removed. Then, the window blinds or covers will be dusted completely. After that, we use a strong alkaline solution that is used to remove dirt in every hook and corner. This solution loosens all the dirt that is hidden in the corners. After some time of soaking using water, we remove all the impurities hidden in your windows.The stains also can be removed by the latest methodologies we follow. Our expertise is rated high among the public in Australia. We would Promise you that you will be satisfied with our result.

What makes Austral stand a step above the rest?

You might wonder what could be the reason that makes Austral cleaners stand a step above the rest of the cleaning services in your city. We have figured the answers to this question through an analysis done based on our regular customers. The following are the reasons for being rated high by our beloved customers.

  • High standards in the cleaning job – The service provided by us are of very high standards. This is one of the main reasons why our regular customers request for more of
  • our services. The high-quality cleaning satisfies our customers. We ensure that you will
    be 100% satisfied through our promising service.
  • Service is delivered on time – Our services are provided on time. We follow punctuality
    in our company. Keeping our clients wait for long hours is not our wish. Our main intention is to keep you satisfied from the beginning to the end of our service.
  • Professional workers – Austral cleaners are trained specially for doing advanced
    cleaning works. The team members are trained to do the best quality cleaning service for you. They use the best high-end machine that helps in cleaning your property well. These machines are the highest rated in the market. The equipment used by us is manufactured
    based on today’s trendy techniques and methodologies. Therefore, cleaning any kind of environment would not be a challenge for us.</li
  • Flexible with making plans – Our organization is very flexible in making plans. We make sure you are happy at the end of our service Therefore, customizing our initial plan is welcomed by us. You can either include places or services you want us to do. If not
    you can also exclude areas, things and services you do not want us to cover during the
    cleaning process. We can make alteration based on your request.
  • Licensed and insured – Austral cleaning company is a licensed organization. We are legally registered and is an insured company. So you need not worry about the safety of
    your property as it is in safe hands.
  • 24/7 customer care – You will be provided with 24-hour customer care. You can speak
    out to us at any time. Our staffs would help you get through all your questions and help you in making a booking for Austral services. Our cleaners are also available at any time. Therefore you can request our service whenever it is convenient for you.
  • Trustworthy –Out of the twelve years of service we have built a strong trust with ourcustomers. Trust cannot be built in a day. With our promising services and satisfaction,our dear clients have been traveling with us for the past twelve years. Hence, you can trust us confidently and rely on the job we offer.
  • Green policy is followed – We at Austral follow the green policy. We care and value our dear clients. Their safety and satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, we test all the products we use while we clean. Products like chemicals, powder and equipment are tested if they are safe to be used. The external products used by us are biodegradable.

How to book Austral cleaning service?

It is very easy to request our service. You can either call us through the number given. Our team member would help you with your queries and help you make your booking. Our customer care center would call you back within the next hour if your call ends without an answer. Our staffs are friendly and would like helping you through the process.The other way is that there is an online form that is available on this page. You can fill in all the details to make to your booking. It would request for a few details like the time and date you would wish for the cleaning service, the address, etc. Please enter the details correctly so that we can avoid all miscommunications. You are advised to make your booking as early as possible. As this would help you be ready for our service. And it would help us prepare for the service. Preparations like what products and equipment needed for window cleaning should be planned and organized. So, make your free quote today itself.