Oven cleaning by Austral cleaners

An untidy oven can never give a good sight for a clean kitchen. Imagine having previously toasted food’s deposits on the edges, oil spills, stains from food, rust on the  grills, etc.This would not give a happy look for a clean kitchen. The oven should be cleaned regularly. You might also be an individual with several errands to be taken care of. You need not find oven cleaning as a burden anymore as Austral cleaners are right here.

Oven Cleaning

We are experts in oven cleaning. Our professional cleaners can turn your old looking oven into a new looking oven. We have all the required equipment needed for proper oven cleaning.Our janitors also use a few strong base chemicals and detergent to remove hard stains and stubborn scraps of food. The external products used by us are safe and tested. We follow the green policy.Therefore, all our products are biodegradable.

Austral cleaners can be trusted and relied on. We have been offering our service for many years.This has resulted in us growing into experts in the cleaning industry. Our regular customers request for more services. Giving you complete satisfaction is our main intention.And we promise that you will be impressed with our standard service.

Why us?

Why should you hire Austral cleaners when there are so many other cleaners in the industry? We do have our reasons for this question Based on an analysis done with our regular customers, we figured out that the following reasons are why we stand out:

  • High-quality service – The service provided by Austral cleaners are of very high- quality. We maintain or standards as that is what brings our customers back again to us.Regardless of whatever cleaning it is, we would offer you the best.
  • At your doorstep on time – Cleaners from Austral follow punctuality. We will reach your destination at the decided time. We do not prefer having our customers wait for long hours so we stick to the timings. In case we are late due to any unavoidable situation, you will be informed prior to it.
  • Quick and efficient – Our janitors are very quick in their service. They offer the cleaning service very effectively too. The external products used are to the point in cleaning. Since we follow the eco-friendly rule our cleaning service would not cause any harm to you.
  • High-end equipment – The equipment used by us are designed based on the latest technologies. They are specially modelled for cleaning and are in high demand in the markets. These high-end machine help in doing an effective service.
  • Trustworthy – We are a trustworthy company running high for long years in the cleaning industry. Our service can be relied on. Checking out our testimonial will help you get an idea about the service we offer.
  • Licensed organization – Austral cleaning organization is a fully licensed and legally registered organization. We have been serving the nation for twelve years. These years of service has brought us several customers and a good experience.
  • 24/7 customer care – We provide customer care and support throughout the whole day.You can reach out to us at any time and request for our service. Our staffs would guide you with the next process. The austral team is a friendly set of staff who enjoy helping you.
  • Experienced team of janitors- The cleaners at Austral are well-experienced professional cleaners. They are trained to today’s technologies and the latest methodologies used in cleaning.
  • Flexible – We are very flexible in making plans. Our plan schedules are customizable.You can add or remove areas and request for more services in one booking.

What is included in oven cleaning services?

During the process of cleaning, we use different external products. These external products such as detergent can’t be accessed in an ordinary store. They are made in factories based on customer request. These chemicals, detergents are first tested if they are Eco-friendly and then is used.We ensure that the products used don’t cause any harm to your environment.The following are the steps to do during oven cleaning services.

  •  The cooking utensils in your property are first inspected
  • Protective mats and sheets are around the oven to prevent damage on the other areas
  • Next, all the removable parts from the oven are removed for easy cleaning (parts like grills, trays, racks).
  •  If the doors of the oven are removable, they too will be removed for cleaning
  • All stains, food scraps, carbon deposits, etc. are scrubbed lightly and removed.
  • The oven de greaser is then applied to the inner parts of the electric appliance.
  • Austral oven cleaners pay attention to every tiny detail. Therefore, places like fan, door and grill are cleaned very well as they are the places where grime stays hidden.
  • After a few minutes of soaking the, both sides of the oven are wiped gently. This removes all dirt and stains.
  • After wiping, our janitors would give it a polish for the glow and new look
  • All parts are fitted again and you will have your new fresh oven ready for the next food.

Book to experience our service

In order to experience our service, you have to make your quote today. Booking an appointment is totally free. You just have a few steps to follow while booking. Either you can give us a call or book through the online form. The number is given on this page. One of our members would guide you through the booking over the phone. In case it turns into a missed call we will call back within the next hour.There is an online form available on this page. You can fill in all the needed details in it. It can request for details like the date, time and information about your oven (specifications, brand,series number, etc.). This information could help us plan for your oven cleaning service. It is always best to make your booking a few days before so that will be prepared and ready to offer a standard service.