Austral cleaners for bathroom cleaning

If you have a slippery, smelly bathroom it would not give a good look for your house. In case your guest uses your bathroom, they might not like your place. It is best to keep it clean and tidy always. The bathroom is the place where you clean yourself. Cleanliness should begin from there. Ignoring the cleanliness of the bathroom can take us to serious health issues.Are you confused with whom to choose in getting your bathrooms cleaned? Search no more. Austral cleaners are here in your neighborhood to save your bathrooms.

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Bathroom Cleaning

We have been in service for around twelve years through which our staffs have gained a lot of experience in bathroom cleaning. They are aware of several hacks in cleaning.Austral cleaners are very professional n their service they can transform your dirty bathroom into a spotless new looking bathroom. Why waste money in rebuilding your bathroom or changing tiles, toilet and sinks? Our expert cleaners can change your property into a bright place. You can save your money from the reconstruction. Our price ranges are affordable. All citizens can have a chance of experiencing our service.

What makes Austral stand a step above?

Austral cleaners and their cleaning services are the best in the city. We ensure that the trust of the customers are strong and build stronger relationships with them. Due to the quality service we provide, our regular customers request more services from us.We provide a large range of services. From bathroom cleaning to event cleaning we cover everything. Our janitors do both commercial and domestic cleaning. The following are the reasons that make us stand above the rest

Cleaning the toilet areas

  •  First, the windows, doors, grills, blinds, window curtains, frames, window sills will be wiped and cleaned well.
  • All the light switches and ceiling lights too will be cleaned.
  • Then all marks and fingerprints on the walls, handles, the bathtub will be scrubbed and removed
  • The toilet, sinks, drains and pipes will be scrubbed well. And they will be disinfected and washed well.
  • Disinfecting all the urinals, seats and handles
  • The walls will be cleaned spotless. All glass and mirror surfaces will be cleaned and polished.
  • The floors will be scrubbed, washed and mopped neatly.
  • Spraying disinfectant to the floor and drains to eliminate the odor.

Tips in toilet cleaning

While we are cleaning please make sure you remove all your products from the bathroom or put them into the cupboards. As detergents and water might splash on them. Remove all clothes and towels from the hanger. Keep the bathroom free from any products. Another tip is that you can seal your bathroom. If you have algae and moss growing in the sides of the tiles and walls. They can be washed out completely and sealed permanently. This prevents unnecessary growth in the sides. Our professional cleaners are experts in sealing your bathroom.Your property is in safe hands.

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Why wait when you can easily book our service today. You only have to do one of the two methods to make your free quote. First, you can call us to the number given. We would note down your booking and confirm it. In case it ends as a missed call, we will get back to you within the next hour.Second, you can fill in the form that is available on this page. You might have to enter a few details to get your date and time confirmed. Details like date, time, address, size of your property would be asked. Make sure you give the right details to avoid confusions. It is best to make your booking a week before as it would help us organize and plan for your bathroom cleaning. The external products needed and the number of cleaners should be planned prior. We would also accept immediate bookings. What are you still confused about? Go ahead and make your booking with us.