Why Pressure Washing?

Has your driveway lost it’s colour? Your roof looking a little worse for wear?

Driveways, patios and pathways will look brand new again after they’ve been cleaned by us.

Austral are experts in providing exceptional pressure cleaning, achieving exceptional results.

With over 12 years experience we can assure you a shiny clean finish to any area, including tarmac, concrete slabs and paving, unsightly mould, grime, dirt and even grease.


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Our team at Austral Cleaning offer experience in pressure cleaning and power washing throughout the whole of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne. With our experience we can guarantee you a shiny finish to whichever area you need us to cover.

Our Pressure Washing  Services

House washing

House washing

Do you feel that your house glows inside while the exterior portion looks faded and dull? Why worry about this look of your house when Austral is right beside you.

paver cleaning

Paver Cleaning

Looking for ways to impress your buyers? But unclean pavers are not going to help you. Why worry when Austral cleaners are here to polish your property.

Driveaway cleaning

Driveway Cleaning

Does your house shine while the driveway looks dull? Did you try cleaning your driveway? Don’t strain or worry while Austral is here to help you out with cleaning.

Deck maintaince

Deck Maintenance

Your deck must be exposed to any weather. So does it look faded or dirty? Have you ever tried cleaning it?Set your worries and moaning aside. Austral cleaners are right beside you to help.

concrete cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Is your pathway dirty? Does it have a lot of dust and dirt stuck inside it? Does that make your pathway look black? Leave your worries aside as Austral is here to help you.

Building washing

Building washing

Looking for building washing service?Are you in search of a good building washing service in your hometown? Why search around when Austral is waiting to perform magic in your property?

Oil stain removal

Oil stain removal

Does your road or pathway have big stains or oil marks on it?It should reduce the beauty of your house then. Put your worries aside when Austral is here to help you.

Patio cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Does your patio have moss growing in the corners? Does it look dirty? It might not give a pleasant look too. Put your worries aside as Austral cleaners are here to help you out in cleaning.

Pressure Cleaning  Prices

$14900Per Stains

$600Per Stains

500 SQM

  • Normal price 10.90 + GST


  • Normal Price 8.90 +GST

Low Set

  • House Wash – Low set – $399 + GST

High set

  • Normal Price $599 + GST

We can clean it all with a specialty in:

Steam pressure washing, hydro blasting, water blasting and sand blasting offer excellent , Austral Cleaning can provide you with those immaculate results that you are expecting without fail. We specialize in areas such as:

  • Parking Lots and Pavements
  • Stone, Brick and Concrete Surfaces
  • Pavers Cleaning
  • Brick Restoration
  • Mould and Mildew Removal
  • Lime Scale, Calcium Deposits
  • Roofs
  • Cleaning Commercial Building Exteriors
  • Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum and other hard floor surfaces
  • Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Real Estate Property

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We Provide Our Pressure Washing Service in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowomba and Melbourne

The four basic elements of the pressure washing commercial cleaning process must be perfectly combined in order to achieve a clean surface without harming the surface itself. The four elements are: Water Pressure, Water flow rate, Cleaning solution used and the heat or temperature of the water. Improper balance of these 4 elements can result in more harm than good, our professionally trained team will give you the results you are looking for.

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Masonry
  • Store Fronts
  • Entrance ways
  • Sidewalks
  • House washing………..and many more !

High Pressure Washing FAQ’s

At Austral the pricing are affordable. The pricing depends on the size of your property. We
cost $150 minimum for three hour of pressure cleaning.

Even though both sound quite similar, there is a small difference between them. Pressure
washing uses normal temperature but high-pressured water coming out of the hose. Whereas,
power washing uses hot water with normal pressure. Both help in cleaning paver, driveways and
pathways. They can remove all dirt, grime, algae etc.

  • It increases the external appearance of your house. Especially the pathway, paver and
  • It protects the longevity of your driveway or paver
  • Can remove hard stains and stubborn dirt
  • Helps in the removal of algae, mould, weeds, moss, etc.
  • Boosts the appeal of the curb
  • Helps in sealing the pathway or paver
  • Faster than the manual cleaning

The best time to pressure wash your house is when the weather is not too cold or not too hot. It is
best to clean or pressure wash during spring or fall. But it is not an essential rule to clean during
this time.

Doing pressure washing once a year is fine for a normal house unless you want to pressure wash
certain areas again. Pressure washing would last for 5 years or more when it is once done.

Hiring a professional for doing pressure washing is the best. This is because you would not know
how much pressure level and water temperature is required for cleaning. When cleaning the
driveways we use a particular detergent, chemical too. Above all, the cleaning will be done
professionally. These are the reasons why you need a professional.

Professionals use different mixtures of chemicals. There isn’t one particular chemical that they
stick to. Some of them are ammonia, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, potassium
hydroxide, citric acid, bleach, oxalic acid, etc.