With Years of Experience, Let’s Just Say that We Used to “Handling the Pressure”

Affordable Pricing for an Excellent Service

When it comes to pressure cleaning concrete driveways, pavers, houses or even entire buildings, your typical domestic pressure cleaner won’t cut it. Only our commercial grade high pressure power washing equipment can effectively cut through ingrained dirt, mould and other pollutants. Leaving your exterior surfaces looking their best!

Our team of professionals have years of experience in cleaning all types of surfaces and can advise on the best pressure cleaning method for your requirements to prevent damage to their surface and achieve the best possible result.

Why Choose Austral?

Experienced professionals

Leave your biggest investment in the hands of our trained and experienced technicians.

Work Guarantee

If you’re not happy with our work, we will do everything we can to fix it and make it right!

Fully licensed

We are fully licensed and insured for your complete peace of mind.

No nonsense

We always discuss your needs and provide realistic timelines and expectations of our work.

Competitive rates

No need to pay for overpriced cleaning and maintenance. Save money while getting the best results with us.


Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast Prices

All our prices include labour charges, chemical & equipment cost. You can book with fixed price or hourly rates.

Concrete/Tiles/Path/Driveway  $6 per stain
Less than 500 sqm $8.90 + GST  Normal Price $10.90 + GST Min Charge $199
More than 1000 sqm $6.90 + GST  Normal Price $8.90 + GST
House Wash – Low Set $299 + GST  Normal Price $399 + GST Online Booking $299 + GST
House Wash – High Set $399 + GST  Normal Price $599 + GST Online Booking $299 + GST
Minimum Call Out Fees $144 per stain

Note that wall spot cleaning, wall wash, outside window cleaning and blinds cleaning are not included in the bond cleaning package and can be done at extra charge upon request.

Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast Services


House Washing

Layers of grime, soot, dust and dirt build up on the walls of your house over time. Pressure cleaning can remove stains, dirt, marks and oil from the exterior of your home. We complete washdowns to refresh the entire exterior look of your home, and as a preparation for repainting. If you are looking at selling, undertaking a renovation or just think it’s time for a clean talk to the team at Austral about a complete house wash. We clean every surface, including your gutters and roof, and if you have never cleaned your walls you will be amazed at the results. Some clients even choose not to repaint after it is clean!

Paver Cleaning

Over time, pavers can start to look dirty. Maybe from the occasional spilling of oil and of course the general dirt and marks that everyday walking makes on them. Our paver pressure cleaning equipment can remove almost any build up on your pavers and instantly improve their look. Take the time to examine your pavers, helping us to determine the best method of pressure cleaning for your pavers and paved areas.

Driveway Cleaning

A dirty driveway is an eyesore and dulls the front of your home. Exposed to blasting sun and wet winters, dirt and grime build up in the porous surface of your driveway. We revitalise the front of your home with our unique heat-treated driveway high-pressure cleaning service. Our equipment peels off tyre marks, oil stains, bore water stains, and even paint.

Deck Maintenance

Outdoor decks are the perfect place for entertaining guests but the problem is that they are often overlooked due to the time and effort consumed for maintenance. Austral can not only pressure clean your home’s outdoor areas, but seal them with the appropriate oil or staining.

Concrete Cleaning

Unsealed concrete might look tough, but it’s actually a highly porous material making it highly susceptible to staining from oils, grease, grime, chewing gum, chemical spills, tyre marks and mould. With our concrete cleaning service, the finished product is a clean, dirt free area that can now be painted or sealed with floor coatings to your requirements.

Building Washing

Commercial buildings – such as shopping centres, factories, petrol stations and apartment blocks – bring their own challenges when it comes to cleaning. Busy buildings need to be cleaned quickly, sometimes out of hours and there are health and safety concerns to consider. At Austral, we’re used to the big jobs and can bring in multiple crews to get them done fast and with minimal disruption.

Oil Stain Removal

Oil stains look unsightly on any surface and are dangerous slip hazards. They can be difficult to remove because oil is able to soak in and penetrate deep into porous masonry surfaces like concrete, bitumen and clay pavers. Unfortunately, it only takes one incorrect process to permanently stain many surfaces. It is important that oil is removed from the surface as soon as possible to prevent deep penetration. Let the professionals at Austral treat and pressure clean away those unsightly oil stains and restore your property’s image.

Patio Cleaning

It would be hard to simmer down and relax in your patio area if the pavers are covered with dirt and moss buildup. Thankfully, Austral Cleaning offers full patio cleaning services that will make this area look pleasing and inviting again!


Q: What are the benefits of pressure cleaning?
A: It is a good way of increasing your property’s value by improving appeal at an affordable cost. Especially, if you’re considering selling or renting it out in the near future. Prevents injuries that can be caused by slipping on mould or grime.

Q: Do you need to use our power to run pressure cleaners?
A: No. The pressure cleaners run on petrol. We also utilize far less water than a homeowner who has resorted to his/her small pressure cleaner.

Q: What is your charge for pressure cleaning?
A: Please refer to “Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast Prices” for a detailed breakdown of our prices.

Q: Will the high pressure machine knock out the mortar, strip the render or paint when applied?
A: No.  The mould-remover we utilize is very effective, and as such, generally only a light pressure clean is required.


Q: Will the surface or stones be removed from my driveway/pathways when cleaning?
A: Very minor lifting may occur when the mould-remover is applied before pressure cleaning. The grime is easily removed without damaging the surface.