Does your patio have moss growing in the corners? Does it look dirty? It might not give a pleasant look too. Put your worries aside as Austral cleaners are here to help you out in cleaning.


Patio Cleaning

Patio cleaning services in your home town

Imagine yourself with your friends on a Saturday night having a small party. And you suddenly notice how dirty your patio looks. If your patio is colour bonded the growth of moss and impurities will be prominent. You would wish the dirt was not there to give a pleasant environment to your friends. It is best to keep your patios clean as it might not be healthy to have unmaintained an impurity filled surrounding in your house.

Great memories are made in the outdoor entertaining area in your property. Keeping them clean for the next party or get together is the best. You can call for a professional cleaning service at the end or before the party. If you had a great party, we are pretty sure that your patio would have marks and memories of the day. There could be wine stains, food, cigarette ashes, BBQ grease, etc. on your patio. Removing hard stains all by yourself without the right equipment is not practical.

If you also postpone doing the cleaning a day after the stains can get deeper and hard to be removed. It is best to call a professional cleaner immediately. Austral cleaners have all the high-end equipment and needed external products in cleaning your patio. Our expert janitors can do event cleaning and remove any kind of hard stains. You can rely on our expertise.

How to clean the patio?

As an individual after a party, we try to clean the mess by ourselves. We try scrubbing the stains. Some stains might be removed whereas some end up spreading more. Using cold water and scrubbing it is not going to help. It only makes them look worse. Hiring a professional cleaner is the best in such kind of a situation.

Hiring an expert cleaner – Austral cleaners is recommended. Our professional cleaners who have several years of experience can transform your patio into a new looking entertaining spot. We use machines that are designed based on the latest technologies such that it makes cleaning easier and effective.

Our staffs are highly trained to do a quality and standard service. We use a hot water pressure washer to wash your patio. The pressure washing machine releases hot water at a high rate. Along with that, we use a detergent that is foamy. This helps in removing stains. The external products and the machines used are Eco-friendly. We strongly ensure that no harm is caused to your environment. Therefore, our cleaning service would be safe and can be relied on.

Patio Sealing

Impurities like moss, algae, stains, dust and dirt can spoil the glory of your patio. The beauty of the patio should be restored by doing a proper cleaning. Some patio can be porous. This absorbs water, stain, dirt and keeps them stuck inside them. Through cleaning, we can remove the dirt. But the pores will still remain. In the future, there are high chances for the growth of algae and the deposition of dirt again.

In this case, it is best to seal the patio. Sealing can completely prevent from having your patio moist always. This will gradually stop the growth of moss and algae. It also will avoid the dust and dirt depositing inside pores and corners. After sealing it, cleaning would be easy. Therefore, as professionals in this industry, we would advise it is best to seal your patio.

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You can confidently make a free quote with us. Our organization is licensed and fully insured. Therefore, you need not worry about booking our service. There is a form available on this page. You can fill in the details and make your booking. Make sure the time and date are filled incorrectly. In case if you do not prefer filling forms, you can also call us to the number given. We would get back to you within the next hour.

It would also be great if you can make your booking a week before. This would help us inspect, plan and be ready for your cleaning. We have to inspect the size and type of your patio in order to bring the required machine, number of cleaners and needed amount of external product for your service. Austral cleaners completely guarantee you 100% satisfaction at our outcome. So, wait no more. Go ahead and make your quote.