Does your road or pathway have big stains or oil marks on it?

It should reduce the beauty of your house then. Put your worries aside when Austral is here to help you.

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Oil stain removal

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Oil stains on the driveway can make your property lose its original beauty. Having oil marks on the driveway is not a good symptom for a pleasant house. Apart from the look, it also can be dangerous and slippery in the driveway. Cleaning it all by yourself is not practical. This is when hiring professional cleaners helps you.

Austral cleaners possess several years of experience in the cleaning industry. They have good knowledge of cleaning all sorts of environment. Cleaning hard dirt or removing stubborn stains and oil stains are few services they do regularly. We use hot water pressure washing method to remove the stains. Along with the high-pressure water, a strong base detergent is also used which has the power of removing oil stains from the driveway.

What do we do during the removal of oil stains? 

Once you have booked for our service, your driveway or the spot with the stubborn stains will be inspected before. After the inspection, a suitable method for removing the oil stain will be chosen. This is because some type of oil can affect the method we use for removing that stain. Therefore, proper inspection is required. The oils that combust are carbonized engine oil, hydraulic oil, cooking oil and gearbox. So, after proper inspection, the suitable method will be decided by our expert janitors.

In the absence of prior inspection, it can lead the stain to spread or get deeper on the surface. Removing oil from the surface as fast as possible is very important. In the event of you being unable to avoid the spilling of oil does not use a cloth or paper to remove it. As during that process, it makes the oil stain spread further.

In this case, using sand or sawdust can help you absorb the oil before it gets deeper. Cat’s litter can also help in removing the immediate stain. The inner mark on the surface of the driveway or the pathway caused by the stain can be removed by a professional cleaner. Hiring an Austral professional cleaners would keep you satisfied until the outcome. We guarantee your satisfaction and you can rest while we clean all the stains in your driveway.

Why choose Austral above all cleaners ?

You might be confused in wondering which cleaning service to hire. We provide a larger range of cleaning services in various locations. The Austral’s professional cleaners have several years of experience. They are experts in handling any kind of tough environment. Our trained janitors give out a high standard stain removing service.

The customers we earned throughout our service keep requesting for the several other services offered by us. We are glad that we were able to earn trust among our loyal customers. The following are the reasons why Austral cleaners are rated high.

  • We are available throughout the week to help and support you with your questions and bookings
  • Our service is of a high standard and is timely
  • We are flexible with our plans
  • Trustworthy
  • Following the green policy is an important motto we follow at Austral
  • A crew of cleaners are professional, well-trained and friendly. They also have years of experience in the same industry
  • We guarantee complete satisfaction at our end result

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