Do you feel that your house glows inside while the exterior portion looks faded and dull? Why worry about this look of your house when Austral is right beside you.

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House washing services

#1 House cleaners in the city

If your house is looking dirty, then yes you will have to do a proper house wash. Austral cleaners are here to completely pressure wash your house with the right machine. Our trained cleaners are good at using the latest technologies in house washing. The stubborn stains and hard pollutants can be easily washed off with high-pressure washing.

We also have a soft wash. This is used for places near plants or on paint. The device used for this doesn’t blast off high pressured water but is handles gently. Our experienced cleaners know which is best for your environment. Most of our customers who requested for pressure washing their house were happy with soft washing the sensitive areas. Our crew ensures you are completely satisfied with the service we provide.

The austral group invests in the machines and equipment designed in the latest technology for pressure washing. They can be used both in industrial and domestic environments. Our set of cleaners have good experience in pressure washing. Therefore, you can trust and rely on us completely. Austral cleaners perform magic in transforming your house into beauty in the neighborhood.

How does house washing work?

Washing the exterior of the house has to be done with a lot of care. The walls have to be washed in a different mode. High-pressure cannot be imposed on the walls. Therefore, using the same method to wash the driveway for the walls is not practical. Austral janitors take immense care in returning your property safe. They are well-trained in handling different kinds of environments.

A solution is used when cleaning the exterior of the house. This is applied on the walls, under the roof, awnings, above windows, gutters, and doors. This formulated solution is Eco-friendly and is safe for the environment. This solution would loosen the black dirt hidden in the holes and corners. In the meantime, there are few precautions we need to follow.

  • All doors and windows should be closed firmly as water can leak through the small gaps
  • All electronic equipment should be disconnected and put in a safe place
  • The clothing lines, hangers and dress racks used to dry clothes should be emptied with no clothes on it
  • The fuse box should be closed during cleaning service
  • Any objects that are kept in the patio, balcony, or deck should be removed. It should be kept indoors as keeping outside may cause damage during pressure washing
  • Park you automobile in the garage.

The cobwebs are removed. Austral expert cleaners use the high-end device to pressure wash the exterior of the house. The impurities are washed off with the high pressured water. Domestic pressure washing is the most suitable method for pressure washing.

Why should you choose us?

Austral group of cleaners are rated high among all the other cleaners. We have several years of experience in high-pressure washing houses. Our regular customers are always satisfied with our outcome. The following are the reasons why they rate us high above the other cleaning services.

  • 24-hour customer support and care throughout all the days in the week
  • Top standard and quality cleaning services in the city
  • We provide your service on time
  • We have professionally trained and friendly crew of janitors to do the cleaning services
  • Flexible in making plans
  • Quick and effective work is done by our set of cleaners
  • We precisely follow the green policy. Therefore, all the external products used by us are eco-friendly

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Pressure washing your house needs a lot of planning and inspection. Therefore, it is best to book the appointment a week before. The booking can be online. There is a form available through which you can fill in all your details. Make sure the details are filled in correctly to avoid misunderstandings.

In case you are not sure with the form you can contact us by the number given. We would get back to you within the next hour to note your booking. Go ahead and make a free quote today to experience our house washing services.