Your deck must be exposed to any weather. So does it look faded or dirty? Have you ever tried cleaning it?

Set your worries and moaning aside. Austral cleaners are right beside you to help.


Deck maintainence

Maintaining your decks

The deck is the wooden part in front of your house or on the sides of your house. It should be maintained well to welcome guests. As it is exposed much to the direct weather, too much of sun and rain can cause harm to the deck. The deck can get dusty and faded easily. With time it also can get worn out. Maintaining your decks regularly can keep it stay longer and look fresh always. Have you ever tried cleaning your deck?

During deck maintenance, it is not the best idea to start cleaning straight away. Proper inspection should be done. The deck should be thoroughly checked to make sure that it is not damaged and is strong enough. After checking all the furnishings, the cleaning can be done. Regular cleaning can expand the life span of your deck.

Deck cleaning by Austral cleaners

An unclean or dirty deck can spoil the beauty of your house. But deck cleaning is not similar to the usual house cleaning. Since the decks are exposed to air, the moisture and dampness can make your floor wet always. It can be slippery. As a result, an ugly looking deck will be available at your place. This can also can cause a change in colour. The dampness can also cause your wood to rotten soon. This is when a professional cleaner comes in to clean and seal your decks. Maintaining your decks also plays an important role.

We provide a wide range of assets preservation services that also include powerful and speedy deck and fence cleaning. We are equipped with the right cleaning equipment which is designed in the latest technology and gadgets that guarantee complete removal of algae, moss, mould, and lichen. There is a large scale of timbers and every one of them calls for a specific manner of preservation.

Based on the type or nature of your deck the right solution will be formulated. Our solutions are eco-friendly. We care for customers and their environment. Your property will be safe in our hands.

Why is Austral rated higher?

You might also wonder the reason behind us being rated higher than the other cleaning services. Out of our years of experience, we have gained several senior staffs who were able to earn loyal customers through their promising service. Our regular customers have always requested for more services.

We have a larger scale of services and a big crew of well-trained cleaners who can transform your property into a spotless new home within a few hours of quality work. Austral cleaners are a step above the other cleaning services because of the following reasons:

  • 24-hour customer care and support throughout all seven days
  • Highly trained, professional and friendly team of janitors
  • We provide you service with high standards
  • We are flexible in making plans
  • Green policy is strictly followed at all aspects in or organization
  • Licensed and insured
  • Trustworthy
  • The services are done fast, efficient and in a timely manner

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In order to avoid the damage and decay of your deck, hiring our professional cleaners to do the service is important. The austral group is completely licensed and is fully insured. We make sure that we meet your expectation at the result. Therefore, you can rely on our service in protecting your decks.

Making a quote would only cost you a few minutes. There is a form available on this page. You will have to fill in your details. Make sure you give the right time and date to avoid misunderstandings. If you are not sure with filling the form, you can also contact us through the number that is mentioned in the page. We will get back to you within the next hour to confirm your booking.

It would be great if you can book our service a week before so that, we can plan for your deck cleaning. Preparing the right equipment, solution, etc. should be planned prior after the inspection of your property.