Is your pathway dirty? Does it have a lot of dust and dirt stuck inside it? Does that make your pathway look black? Leave your worries aside as Austral is here to help you.

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Concrete cleaning services

Austral cleaners – Concrete cleaning

Having concrete pathways or concrete entrance by the doorstep adds beauty to the house. Anyone entering your house would pass this pathway and only enter. Having dirty pathways with black dirt and ugly stains on it might not give a good appearance to your house. It might not welcome the guests. Cleaning outdoors is equally important as cleaning indoors. Therefore, we should also focus on keeping the outdoors clean.

There can be dirt like oil stains, algae, chewing gum, grease stains, grime, moss, chemical spills, etc. They cannot be removed by our ordinary cleaning method. Even if you opt to sweep, the stains and growth of moss cannot be removed. This requires high-pressure cleaning to remove the impurities and stop unnecessary growth. Austral janitors are here to help you tick off your pathway cleaning. Our well-trained cleaners are experts in performing cleaning no matter whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Why Choose Austral ?

Austral cleaners have been in service for many years. Our janitors have great experience and knowledge of concrete cleaning. Some of our loyal customers request more services quite often. This is because of our pride in giving you a completely satisfying service. Austral cares and values every customer. The list below gives the reason why we are rated high among all cleaners.

  • Highly trained professional janitors
  • Experts in cleaning hard environment
  • Guaranteed 100% satisfaction at the end of our service
  • Following the green policy
  • 24-hour customer support and customer care
  • Trustworthy and completely reliable
  • Very efficient and fast in providing the cleaning service
  • Flexible with making plans

Specialist in concrete cleaning 

You might be a property manager, owner, tenant, insurer or a builder. You might have customers or visitors visiting your place. Their first look will be your pathway. The first impression should be the best. Therefore, you should make sure that your pathway is also cleaned up well and not dirty. If you are in the plan of selling your property then just washing and vacuuming the house is not enough. A complete cleaning is important.

Austral cleaners would love to clean your house and your pathways. We use industrial machines. These machines, some detergent and our janitors’ experience would perform magic on your pathway. You will see the big difference between the old look and the new look. We promise you complete satisfaction looking at our result. We can also seal your concrete pathway. This can prevent the growth of algae and moss in the corners. Sealing the concrete pathway too adds beauty to the entrance of your house. This saves money and keeps it for the long run. The new-look stays for a longer period as it is sealed fully.

The expert cleaners at Austral use an eco-friendly detergent to wash the concrete off completely. Firstly, the detergent is sprayed along with water in high pressure on the concrete surface. Secondly, it reaches the surface of the concrete with high pressure and is let to set for some time. Thirdly, it loosens all sorts of dirt and impurities. In final, the loosened dirt is removed and washed off. This is how the pressure washing functions. The industrial high-pressure washer machine is of great use in event of washing pavers, concrete, etc.

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Austral cleaners enjoy doing concrete cleaning. They work full-heartedly just to see you happy and satisfied. You can make your quote by booking online. There is a form on this same page. Filling this form would take you less time. Please mention the date and time clearly along with the other details. Once you are done make sure you submit it. If not for the form, you contact us through the number given. Our customer support staff would guide you with the booking. Since we are available for 24-hours, you can contact us at any time and get your questions replied. So, be the first to make your quote with Austral.