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Building Washing

Experts in building washing

Is your building dirty and does it give out a dull look? Does it look faded in the whole lane? Then, of course, you should get your building washed completely. The cleaning service provided by Austral cleaners can make your building shine the most in your neighborhood. We are a licensed certified organization who has been serving Australia for many years.

We have earned many loyal and regular customers who request us for more services (house washing, bond cleaning, spring cleaning, event cleaning, etc.). Our expertise has made us experts in cleaning. Austral janitors are highly-trained to the latest technologies. The devices used for cleaning is designed to the high-end and very effective to be used when washing. We strictly follow the green policy. Therefore, our solutions, external products and equipment will be safe for your environment.

How is building washing done?

First, once the booking is made, our friendly cleaners would inspect your place. After the inspection, solutions and ways of cleaning are decided by our team. Second, on the day of cleaning, the cobwebs will be removed. Then a strong base or alkaline is used to dissolve all impurities. Dirt, grease, grime, stains, oils, etc. are the different types of impurities that stay on your buildings.

This formulated solution is applied to places that are dirty (like pathways, driveways, etc.). It will be applied carefully and will not splatter on your windows, walls and doors. The solution we use responds well on concrete, tiles, bricks, limestone, natural stones, etc. It can loosen and remove dirt easily.

Till the solution works, your belongings in the balconies and patios should be cleared such that no damage is caused to them. Your vehicle should be parked in the garage. Once the dirt is loosened, our professional cleaners would start washing the whole building. Our licensed organization is specialized in washing domestic and commercial environments.

Multi-story building washing

Our trained cleaners can wash several story buildings too. We cover buildings in industrial environments like shopping malls, petrol stations, IT parks, factories, etc. We also wash domestic buildings like apartments. There are several factors that should be considered when cleaning an industrial building. We would not like to disturb your working hours. Therefore, when making the appointment you can tell us the time you prefer the washing service to be done.

Our expert cleaners and the support center are available 24-hours. So you can contact us at any time to request our service. You might also want us to wash the building soon. In that case, we would send more members and efficient machines to wash quickly. Our services are of high standards and are efficient.

Request for a free quote today

It would be great if you can book our service a week before. It would help us be prepared with the required number of janitors, machines and customized solutions. You can request for a quote for free by filling in all the needed details in the form available in this page. If not you can also contact us through the number that is given. We are available throughout the day. In case we miss your call, we would get back to you within the next hour.

Reasons why we are rated high 

Are you concerned about choosing us? We have a list of reasons why you can choose us for your cleaning and washing services. Our years of experience helped us to gain a lot of knowledge. With this, we have implemented several new techniques and methods for cleaning hard environments. The following are the reasons why we are rated above other cleaners

  • Our services are of high-standard and high-quality
  • Guaranteed 100% satisfaction at our outcome
  • Austral cleaners are professional, friendly and well trained to do quality cleaning services
  • The cleaning service is done quickly and is very efficient
  • 24-hour customer care and customer service is available
  • Green policy – followed by all members of our organization
  • Quick and efficient in providing the cleaning and washing services
  • Flexible with the plans