Are you tired of chasing the pests from your house? Are they still hiding in the corners? Worry no more. Austral’s professional cleaners are here to save your houses.

Pest Controlling Services in Melbourne

Experts in controlling pests

Imagine yourself in the washroom and you’ve got cockroaches hiding behind the walls, sink and drainage. What if you were cooking in the kitchen and there are termites on the pantry doors. Would you like to proceed further in cooking? Pests have become uninvited members of our homes. They are small in size, but a huge number of them together can demolish a spot in your house. Moreover, they are harmful to our health too.

Pests are not anyone’s favorites. And they stay with us even though they are not welcomed at any homes. So, how can we get rid of these annoying crawling creatures? Austral cleaners are here to save your homes from these pests. They are experts in providing pest controlling services in Melbourne city.

Why choose Austral Pest Cleaning Service?

  • We follow the green policy
  • Reliable and guaranteed satisfaction
  • 24/7 Customer care
  • Flexible with plans
  • Reasonable price rates
  • 12 Years of experience
  • Trustworthy and high-quality service
  • Professional janitors
  • Licensed Organization
  • Service on time
  • Efficient and quick in job

Relax, while we chase the pests away

We provide our service at residential and commercial locations in Melbourne. Our trained professional cleaners do a high-quality cleaning service regardless of the size (number) of your pests. Our cleaners are trained with the latest methodologies that they are good at removing all sorts of pests. Their effective cleaning services are what, preferred most by our regular customers.

Having a pest problem at home is quite stressful. Austral cleaners give you peace by doing their promising service. Austral pest controlling services are provided to all suburbs of Melbourne. Apart from our cleaning service, our cleaners are also good at giving you preventing suggestions for the future. Your family being safe is our first priority.

We are a licensed cleaning organization. And we offer a large scale of services in cleaning. We also offer you a few tips and precautions on how to stay safe from the pests after our service. Pests like cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, silverfish, spiders, possums, rats, flies, ants, mice, etc. are the uninvited guests who dwell in several hidden areas at your home. Our professional and experienced cleaners guarantee you a 100% satisfaction at the end of our service.

Commercial pest control in Melbourne

Our expert cleaners are good at providing their standard service in commercial areas like restaurants, offices, shops, libraries, etc. Once you have made a quote and finalized a date. We would inspect your location before. Next, we would decide what sort of therapy is good for you to spot based on the pests in your location.

Having a clean environment is best for employees and customers. If you are working in a shopping mall and if you have pests in your sales spot, it wouldn’t be polite and your customers might not like to visit you. These pests can even damage your products. Or if you were a chef, cooking in an unhealthy environment is not hygienic. Your guests might fall sick after the intake of your food. There can be bacteria on your pests and these bacteria can also stay on the food you cook because of the unhealthy environment. Therefore, it is best to keep your environment healthy and clean.

Our therapies for pest control

Prevention is better than cure. Being safe is better than facing the tremendous outcome of these nasty pests. We at Austral, strictly follow the green policy. So, all the gasses, chemicals and pesticides we use will be safe for the environment (including your wood and leather). Apart from this cleaning, we have a few other kinds of cleaning such as:

  • Fumigation – We spray gaseous pesticides to the places where they dwell. This gas suffocates the pests and gradually lead them to death.
  • Trap cropping – This crop attracts all the pests to the spot where it is kept. And in the end, we can easily collect all the pests together.
  • Heat therapy – This is a non-chemical safe method to be used. We increase the room temperature to up to 45 Degree Celsius. And this automatically kills bed bugs and brings out hidden mice.
  • Pest disinfection spray – This spray is used to kill pests like termites and ants. This is sprayed in their hidden places (like below furniture, corners, pantry doors, wall cracks, etc.) and it kills the pest. This spray causes no damage to the furniture. There won’t be any stain marks left behind.

What causes pests to stay at your place?

With our 12 years of experience in controlling pests, we figured that the following reasons are why the tiny irritating creatures like staying in your houses.

  • Having food open in the kitchen or on tabletops.
  • Having open cracks near the doors, windows and on the floor
  • Failing to dispose of the finished items and stocking them in a corner.
  • Not cleaning under your furniture (wardrobes, beds, sofa, tables, etc.)
  • Having decayed and leaking roofs that bring in insects too.
  • Dumping clutters on the floor in a corner to be cleared later.
  • Cleaning the spilled mess after a long time.
  • Having unmaintained gardens and backyards.
  • Cleaning your pets rarely. (There are high chances for pests to live in their bodies)

You might also wonder that these are tiny little things that everyone does often. But remember we are careless with this small behavior. And this results in us inviting the pesky pests to our homes.