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Effective Pest Control Brisbane

Pest Control Prices

Inside only

$14900+ GST
  • Pest control ( General ) – Inside only – $149

Inside / Outside

  • Pest control ( General ) – Inside / Outside – $199

All of our extermination systems are bio degradable and safe for pets and humans as are all other products we use. In addition we offer environmentally friendly pest control treatments and termite treatments which you will find are highly effective.

Pest Control Brisbane

It is better to be safe than be sorry when it comes to dealing with pests as it is very hard to get rid of them once they find a comfortable spot in your house. Usually, people do not notice this issue but to have pests inside your house corners isn’t just scary but it is also very harmful to the people living in the house.

we are a licensed organization and offer you a wide range of services that include inspections, precaution methods and treatments to keep homes, offices, kitchens and other industry spaces safe from pests. Our team has a set of qualified and professional technicians and we guarantee to give you the best service.

We are specialized in providing solutions to a wide range of problems including rats, mice, termites, spiders, cockroaches, ants, and silverfish, at a very affordable rate of (mention price). Our services spread throughout Brisbane including the north, south and the gold coast.

Apart from inspection and the eco-friendly pesticides, other methods include;

Heat treatment

This is where the temperature of the room is increased above 45°C to kill bed bugs and other pests and this is purely a non-chemical way to get rid of pests.


This is the process of filling up an area with gaseous pesticides to suffocate or poison the pests within the area which will kill them eventually.

Pest disinfection service

In this method, a disinfectant is sprayed over the infected area to kill the hidden pests and as the spray is a no-stain spray, it can be used over almost any type of surface which makes it even more convenient to kill pests.

Trap cropping

This is a type of crop that attracts pests towards it is placed to safely gather all the pests and kill them.

Local Services

Pests carry infectious bacteria and spread diseases such as dengue fever, Lyme disease, and many other harmful diseases. As an organization concerning human safety, we take up the social responsibility of protecting our environment. Our pest control management will help to get rid of pests from growing inside your home walls and corners. In addition to the flea and termite treatments, we also provide our clients with beneficial advice on pest controlling and eco-friendly pesticides.

Brisbane Commercial Pest Control

Our services are offered to businesses and other commercial industries as well, so that firms can carry on with their daily activities without having the fear of health issues for their employees and themselves. We also offer pest inspections which help us analyze the type of breed and the perfect remedy to the problem depending on the type of insect. This way the process of killing becomes really easy and no effort and time is being wasted.

We are helping all types of industries such as restaurants and hospitals abiding by our environmentally responsible code to protect. Food poisoning is a major health issue, and people consider twice before eating out as it causes diarrhea and very sharp stomach aches. One of the main causes of the food being contaminated is due to the atmosphere present while the food is being processed and because these areas are poorly managed and cleaned less. Most of these areas include the bacteria carried by rats and cockroaches. (company name) takes safe measures in preventing pests especially in food industries. We also offer new businesses a prevention plan before the business has started so they can have a hygienic environment before their operations start. However, if there are any breakout of pests during the business’s functioning period, we will provide you with a contingency plan as well.

A clean and a healthy environment brings in good thoughts, a psychological concept that is best applied in schools and other education centers as it is very important for a place of knowledge to be free from pests. Working with other commercial industries, we hold a good record in keeping schools safe from disease crawlers.

Providing our service to the healthcare industry is our major concern, just like protecting schools we also take great responsibility in preventing and eradicating pests from hospitals and clinics. We believe that this is the place that needs the most amount of cleaning as people visit the hospitals to get better and not sicker.

Other commercial sectors include;

  • Local library
  • Shops
  • Warehouses

Locations We Cater To

We deliver our services to the whole of Brisbane. Our team of professionals is always on one foot, ready to provide you with a satisfactory service anytime, any day. We cater to the following areas;

Brisbane pest control north; (areas of your choice to be mentioned)

  • Everton Park
  • Bridgeman Downs
  • Strathpine
  • Geebung, Virginia, Wavell Heights and Zillmere
  • Hendrah and Nundah

Brisbane pest control south;

  • Kuraby
  • Macgregor
  • Marooka, Nathan and Salisbury
  • Holland Park and Holland Park West
  • Ellen Grove
  • Carindale

Termite Supervision

Polysaccharide or cellulose is a substance found in stems, leaves, and trunks that draws termites to it. Each year billions of dollars are spent on termite treatments and only a few of the services provided turn out to be successful. Getting rid of termites isn’t an easy task, but we can assure you that our services will help you get rid of termites from your homes and businesses without any issues concerning health. Our termite treatment methods include the use of eco-friendly pesticides and bait stations protecting the kids and your pets from chemical exposure.

The treatment will be done after a thorough inspection of the termite breed and after finding out a way to put away the pests without causing damage to the property or environment. Our technicians are highly experienced and skilled, for quicker solutions the heat treatment is best, but if you’re looking to get rid of pests entirely, fumigation and sterilization suits finest, and our team is best at providing that to you.

We want to assure you of our services, which is why our termite treatment comes with a 12-year warranty as we know how hard it is to get rid of them and also because they can easily crawl back inside the furniture. Our treatment package additionally includes free monthly inspections, helping you keep your furniture and home safe.

Why we are the best at offering this service?

  • Our team includes qualified technicians and engineers
  • Our pest prevention strategies are proven effective
  • We cater to service calls instantly
  • Our price ranges are affordable
  • We are reliable and the best at this service
  • We have an unmatched standard of quality
  • Quotes and advice provided
  • Customer feedback is taken into account