Kitchen Cleaning

Does your house look neat and your kitchen look clumsy? Have you tried cleaning it by yourself and failed? Austral cleaners are here to polish your kitchen.

Kitchen cleaning

Austral kitchen cleaning services

If you have a clumsy and a dirty kitchen it would not give a good look for your house. It might spoil the beauty of the whole house. Imagine you have
guests at your place and when they walk in they get a stinky smell from the kitchen. Or when you want to cook food, you find food scarps on the cooker, the grill and stains all over. This does not give a welcoming sight.Cleaning the kitchen is an essential thing to be done. As this is the place where we cook and prepare our food. This has to be clean. With your busy schedules, sometimes you might not have time to focus on doing proper cleaning service. This is why Austral cleaners are here in our city to help you sort your cleaning problem.We are a trustworthy cleaning organization who have been working in this industry for about twelve years. Through these long years of service,we have gained a lot of experience and have gained loyal customers too. The trust we build with our customers makes them stay connected to us. You can check our testimonials which says about our high standard service and our professional friendly staffs. Feel free to request a service from us. You can rest while we do the cleaning for you.

Recommended services from Austral cleaners

We at Austral provide you with a promising service. Our cleaners guarantee complete satisfaction in their cleaning service. You might also be confused about which leaning service to choose. The following reasons show you why Austral cleaners are better than the other cleaners in town.

  •  Highly-trained professional team – Our team consists of cleaners who are trained with the latest technologies and methodologies to do a cleaning service. They are aprofessional set of janitors who have prior experience in cleaning.
  • 24/7 customer support – Our support centre staff and janitors are available throughout all days in a week. Your calls will be replied at any time. Our cleaners also can provide services at any time of the day. Therefore, you can contact us at any time and request ourservice
  • Flexible – The plans we make are very flexible. We can make amendments or alter our initial plans. Based on the customer request we can change the schedule and plans. You can either or add remove areas to be covered while cleaning. Extra services can be added upon request.
  • Licensed organization – Austral cleaners is fully licensed and is registered by law. We have been serving Australians for twelve years. This organization has thus earned several loyal customers with satisfied minds.
  • Service on time – The services provided by our professional janitors are timely. They would not delay. And in case of any delay because of some unavoidable incidents, you will be informed prior.
  • Standard cleaning service – Cleaning services provided by us are of high standards. We ensure that our service is of high-quality. Austral trained cleaners use the latest methodologies while cleaning your kitchen.
  • Fast and effective – Our janitors are quick in their service. They clean your kitchens quickly and effectively. They have the potential to give an extra glow to the look of your kitchen in no time.
  • Latest machines – Our equipment are designed with the latest and today’s technologies. These high-end equipment are available in the market and is in high demand. They are designed in such a manner that cleaning is made simple and easy to be done/.
  • Reliable – Our company is completely reliable. We have been in service for twelve years and have gained several loyal customers. These regular customers visit us for more of our other services like event cleaning, house cleaning, end of lease cleaning,etc.

Kitchen cleaning services

The following gives the services done in kitchen cleaning. They will be done in order and will give your messy unclean kitchen a new fresh appearance.

  • First, all the burners, grills and stoves will be cleaned and wiped carefully such that the unnecessary stains will be removed.
  • The cupboard fronts, pantries, slabs, etc. will be wiped and cleaned.
  • Wiping furniture (tables, chairs, racks). Cobwebs will be removed from every hook and corner Dust under the furniture that are hidden also will be removed.
  • Trash will be emptied from the bins and will be put in the disposal unit.
  • The refrigerator can be cleaned both inside and outside upon request
  • Oven cleaning can also be done upon your request
  • Scrubbing and washing the sinks, drains and pipes
  • After washing they will be disinfected fully
  • Then the floor is vacuumed
  • In final, the floor will be mopped

Make your free quote today

Booking our service has just a few simple steps. There are two ways of booking. You can make an appointment either by calling us or filling the online form. The contact number is given through which you can reach out to us. Your appointment will be taken by our customer support staff. In case the call turns into a missed call, you will be contacted within the next hour. You can also fill in the online form available on our page. It requests for details like the size of your kitchen, different utensils used, date, time, etc. Please make sure you fill in the details correctly. As giving incorrect information (like the date you prefer the service to be done) can lead to confusions. We prefer to complete your service on time with high standards. Therefore, it is best if you can make your quote a week before. This would help us plan the required things, equipment and number of cleaners for your kitchen cleaning. So make your free quote today.