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Carpet Cleaning in Gold Coast

All most every homeowner and office owner has carpet flooring in their homes and offices. Carpets are one of the most popular interior décor used in modern houses and offices due to the softness and comfort that it provides. But regular carpet cleaning is important as it experience the most traffic in the house as well as in the office.

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Prices

  • Regular Price $99
  • Online booking – $79

  • Regular Price $49
  • Online booking – $29

Room ( Up to 16 SQM)

  • Regular Price $69
  • Online booking – $29

  • Regular price $49
  • Online booking – $29

Room Up to 16 SQM

  • Regular price $79
  • Online booking – $49

  • Regular price $49
  • Online booking – $29

Up to 16 SQM

  • Regular price $79
  • Online booking – $49


$300per Stair
  • Regular Price – $4 per Stair
  • Online booking – $3 per Stair

Stains Remove

$300Per Stains
  • Regular Price $4 Per Stains
  • Online booking – $3 Per Stains

$1900Per Stains

  • Regular price $79
  • Online booking – $59

  • Regular price $99
  • Online booking – $79

1 Seater

  • Regular Price – $99 + GST

2 Seater

  • Regular Price – $129 + GST

3 Seater

  • Regular Price – $149 + GST

Up to 100 SQM

$399per SQM
  • Regular Price – $4.99 per SQM

101 SQM to 200 SQM

$295per SQM
  • Regular Price – $3.95 per SQM

201 SQM to 500 SQM

249per SQM
  • Regular Price – $3.49 per SQM

Every step of foot contains dirt, bacteria and allergens. There can be tiny creatures that you may not even see on the carpet. Since they are very small in size and their particles can easily be inhaled.  However carpets get covered with dust mites and dirty very quickly and it also rips the materials apart for dulling effect.

Unclean carpets can affect you and your family’s health. Researchers have found that most people suffer from breathing issues and constantly snoring due to unclean carpet floors. Hence in order to avoid such health issues and live healthy it is vital to keep your carpets vacuumed at least three to four times a weeks.

Beyond regular vacuuming you may also need to do a professional carpet steam clean at least twice a year which is a great option to maintain the condition of your carpets and prevent your carpets on harming your health. In addition to preventing dirt and bacteria, carpet also tends to trap odors. Specially if you are living with pets.

Austral Cleaning we provide you a high quality wide range of carpet cleaning solutions to homes and offices throughout Gold Coast. Our carpet cleaning professionals are very well experienced in handling odors and spills that are stubborn on your carpet, rugs and upholstery.

Your well being is extremely important, which is why we make sure that your carpets not only will improve your home and office appearance, but also will benefit from the process of improving your health status since our company only uses chemical products that are eco friendly.

You deserve the 1# Carpet steam cleaners in Gold Coast

If you are looking to maximize your carpets lasting power, hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the ideal choice that you can make. Doing-it-yourself carpet cleaning procedures does not come close to the effectiveness of a professional deep clean. Everything might look well after vacuuming by yourself but as days pass by you will realize that many stains and spots might reappear again. Sometimes it’s impossible to get rid of those stains right away. There is a risk with some of the DIY solutions that the stain may not be removed. Therefore it is best to always get advice from a professional carpet cleaning company.

Due to high demand of carpet cleaning services throughout Gold Coast, it might be challenging to choose the best suitable company.

Every carpet cleaning task is different and each situation is unique. When you hire Austral Cleaning, we guarantee that you will experience a high quality professional service which will suit your budget.

We are known as one of the leading steam carpet cleaning companies in Gold Coast. And we do carpet maintenance work, which exposes your carpet to high temperatures that dust mites can’t survive.

So we also understand the value of the way your home and office looks and operates. Maintaining a clean environment at home and office can highly improve your productivity level.

Best Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

Through many years of experience in the industry, our cleaners contains in depth skills and knowledge about all types of carpets and what necessary procedures and equipments to use on them to provide you the best results. When you choose Austral cleaning you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Our deep carpet cleaning process is thorough, safe and effective and we make sure to leave them dry to the touch, which you will be amazed with the final result.

We are a fully licensed company and have a large public liability insurance, so the service is fully insured, therefore if there are any issues and you are not satisfied, we will send our carpet cleaning team straight back out to you FREE of charge within 48 hours, as customer satisfaction is our main priority at Austral Cleaning.

Affordable Carpet steam Cleaning in Gold Coast

No matter how your home or office décor is attractive if you have a dirty carpet it can mess up the entire look of your home or office. Well cleaned and fresh smelling carpet will create a lively atmosphere which will lead to an excellent first impression.

You may not buy carpets very often. The price differs according to material it’s made of. However like investing on an antique, carpets can be value over time if it’s maintained well.

There could be various carpet cleaning chemical products available at stores in Gold Coast but you certainly don’t know if it’s worth purchasing them or have doubts about its effectiveness.

This is why it is best to hand over the carpet cleaning for professional cleaners. They are knowledgeable and experienced in removing the dirt on your carpets, getting rid of organic waste such as perspiration, skin cells, pet droppings and other stains. The bad odor is also removed, leaving you with a clean carpet that is fresh.

Being one of the respected cleaning company, we at Austral Cleaning deliver the highest quality cleaning, shampooing, and hot water extraction services that are both thorough, green and reasonable price rates.

Unlike a regular vacuuming, hot water extraction method can kill bacteria. It is the most effective method of carpet cleaning giving carpets the deepest clean. We don’t use any harmful shampoos and chemical products in our carpet cleaning service. We ensure to present a 100% satisfaction service to all our clients living in Gold Coast.

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