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Bond Cleaning Gold Coast

If you are ready to move properties, we are ready to clean it up for you!

All packed and ready to move out? You can count on Austral Cleaning to be your best bond cleaning partners in Gold Coast. With us by your side, you have a big chance of getting a 100% of your bond money back! Wouldn’t that be great?

Your property has been home to you while you stayed and served you well. It is only fitting that you leave it in top notch state for its next owners. Austral Cleaning is Gold Coast’s best bond cleaning service that can be your best bet at it. Moving can be a challenging and stressful time. The added pressure of cleaning up the property should not make it difficult for you. That’s why we invite you to give us a call us at 07 3333 1722 and let us take care of cleaning and transforming the house into a brand-new home, ready for its next chapter.

Bond Cleaning in Gold Coast

Bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning is what real estate agents or property managers expect you to do once your lease on a property comes to an end. This type of cleaning ensures that you are leaving the property in the same condition that you found it. Once the real estate agent approves the state of cleanliness, you can get even a 100% of your bond money back.

What makes us the experts?

We have put together a solid team of professional bond cleaners in Gold Coast. Our cleaners are given the latest, most advanced and technical training and they are equipped with the best in class and most modern cleaning equipment. All this is done to make sure that when Austral Cleaning cleans up your property it is done to your complete satisfaction and approval. Because nothing is more important to us at Austral Cleaning, than our customers’ satisfaction. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the service, we will be happy to send our team back absolutely FREE, within 48 hours to take care of any problem that you have encountered.

Austral Cleaning’s Bond Cleaning in Gold Coast offers a wide range of services to suit your every need

We take care to clean up your whole property, immaculately and spot free. We cover: bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, windows (inside as well as outside if accessible), kitchen, oven, range hood, cook top, all washable surfaces, spot cleaning all the walls, as well as floors.

The living rooms and lounge areas are ones where family and friends come together and make memories. But while doing that, the space can be exposed to a lot of risk of becoming dirty. So it is expected that such an area be cleaned keeping in mind what it has endured. With Austral Cleaning, you can rest assured that the lounge and living rooms will get cleaned to a state of brand new! From couches, to carpets and tables, cabinets, cupboards, windows, window sills, everything is dusted, cleaned, scrubbed to bring it back to the state where no sign of occupancy show.

We scrub clean your kitchens removing moulds, grease marks, spills, stains, ovens, stove tops – making sure that the kitchen is ready for the next owner.

For the bedrooms, we take of walls, shower screens, de-scaling, rubbing and cleaning baths, showers, taps, basins, fittings, wall tiles and even sanitizing floors – everything is made brand spanking clean. By the time we are done cleaning your bathrooms, they will look good as new!

Bond Clean Prices Gold Coast

At Austral Cleaning in Gold Coast, we offer the best rates to go with the best cleaning services. All Our prices include GST, all labour charges, chemical & equipment cost. No hidden or extra costs!

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Services We Provide in Gold Coast

  • Spring Cleaning

  • Oven Cleaning

  • Tile & Grout cleaning

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Domestic Cleaning

  • Supper Market Cleaning

  • Pest Control

  • Handyman Service

Looking for a Bond Cleaning In Gold Coast ? Look no more Austral cleaning Gold Coast is right around your corner ready to
assist you in any of your bond cleaning requirements. Whether you call it End of lease cleaning or
Bond-Exit cleaning, receiving 100% of your bond money is the one of our most important aspect of
Austral Cleaning Bond-Exit cleaning service within our Gold Coast region and many of our other

Bond Cleaning Gold Coast Check List

  • Out Door and Entry

  • Bathroom & Laundry

    • Clean commode, bath tubs, shower recess, remove built up soap residue on tiles and shower screens
    • clean sink and all tap ware.
  • Kitchen

    • Dust & Wash, Remove all oil & greases on Doors, Walls(Optional), Skirtings, Screens
    • Vacuum & Mop with all edges & corners
  • Bedroom, Living Area, Hallway

    • Doors/Walls (optional), skirtings, screens
    • Dust & wipe and wash down to remove marks, streaks or smudges
    • Door frames, wardrobe tracks
    • Dust, wipe and wash down to remove marks, streaks or smudges
    • Wardrobe, drawers and shelves
    • Vacuum dust and wipe or wash down to remove marks, streaks or smudges
  • Garage

    • Sweep, mop, clean railings, glass and light fittings.

The following are not included in the service:

Mould | Damp Spots | Complete Wall Clean | Discolouration | Tiles & Natural Rock Stains | Ceilings | Dangerous Areas | Heights | Garage & Garage Walls | Damaged Walls | Occupied Shelves & Cabinets | Knick Knacks like picture frames, vases, lamps, clocks, fruit bowls, linen and any item that may be decorative.

Outside windows, outside glass, outside areas, post pest control and any dust, grime, insects etc. that have accumulated after the cleaning and within the warranty period are not the responsibility of Austral Cleaning.

Here’s all you need to know about Bond Cleaners Gold Coast

Bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning is what real estate agents/ property managers expect you to do once your lease on a property comes to an end. This type of cleaning ensures that you are leaving the property in the same condition that you found it. Once the real estate agent approves the state of cleanliness, you can follow up and get your deposit or bond money back. Bond cleaning is professional and thorough.

How exactly do I get these services? Well, once you decide that we are the company of your choice, getting a bond clean is quite easy. Just go to our website and follow the online process or call the contact number provided by the company.

For your own convenience and so that the company has enough time to organize the bond cleaners, you should book end of lease cleaning 1 week before your lease comes to an end. This allows you ample time to inspect the work done by the cleaners without worrying about the real estate agent’s deadline.

Bond cleaning Gold Coast assures you that our cleaning staff will be done in 2 – 10 hours depending on the size of your house and the amount of cleaning involved.

You can either choose to stay in your house to oversee the entire process or leave and have the cleaners call you a few minutes before they are done.

Response time

This is the first aspect always used to assess the services of a cleaning company. Our company typically offers a response within 30 minutes or less of your initial contact with us. We give you all the details you need to know about our bond cleaning Gold Coast services.

Free quote

Our bond cleaning Gold Coast service comes with a free quote offer packed with a checklist that allows you to list specifications like the size of your house in terms of bedrooms, the number of rugs and how big they are, how soon you need the cleaning etc. After successfully checking the relevant boxes, you get a free quote on how much the service is likely to cost you. The free quote lets you decide whether the company is a good fit for your planned budget and the specifications of the type of service you can expect from us.


Quality service at a reasonable price is what we all desire when looking for professional bond cleaners. Budgeting too small might mean not getting the best services. We have reasonable prices and a decent bond clean that will pass the standards set by the real estate agents without having to dig too deep down your pocket.

Bond Cleaning Gold Coast cost ranges from as low as $129 to $549 depending on the amount of work the bond cleaners will have to put in. Our company also has great discount offers for our regular customers.

Products Used

The type of cleaning product used by our bond cleaning staff is not too harsh on your surfaces and rugs. Aside from being eco-friendly, the chemical cleaning solutions are baby and pet friendly.

The cost of the product is counted as part of the labor charges and not included at an additional price.


You cannot afford to overlook the aspect of professionalism. Our company is packed with professionally trained cleaners who have full public liability insurance. We offer you a 100% reassurance that the people you are letting into your property are respectable, honest and genuine individuals. This is why, as part of our policy, we ensure that all our bond cleaners have police and reference checks and also their own ABNs.

Customer satisfaction

The quality of our services is further improved by our good customer relations. As our customer, your needs are the most important to our company. Our bond cleaning staff in Gold Coast will stop at nothing to make sure that you are happy with our services. As such, we offer a complete do-over if you express dissatisfaction with the services you received.

Our company also does follow up calls after the job is complete to check that everything was done up to the customer’s standard and satisfaction.


Bond Cleaning Gold Coast Reviews

Our company website has very positive reviews from clients who have received our bond cleaning Gold Coast services. Our services are superior making us the number one choice for bond cleaning in Brisbane and by extension in Gold Coast. If you say we did not clean well then chances are that we really did not clean well. This is why we are always keen on getting feedback from our clients and making sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face and positive stuff to say about us. Choosing us will save you from the stress of having to call demanding us to come and re-clean your house or demand to get your money back because we do it right the first time.


100% Bond Back Guaranteed


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  • Avatar Nuwan wickramarachchi ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    The best cleaning service in the town they arrived my property 10 minutes earlier and did a brilliant job.
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    good service, friendly staff.. overall good job was done. thanks you
  • Avatar Thiago Carvalho ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    This couple came to my place in Gold Coast and were very kind. They did a good job and we had a great conversation during it. Very nice people and great workers.
  • Avatar Aline Ceschini ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Gustavo e Monique were the cleaners and they were very gentle and kind. They did a terrific job and I'll probably ask for them again.
  • Avatar Gustavo Prado Silva ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Very good cleaning. they are polite and neat. They did everything they were supposed to do and were very gentle.

So, whether you are moving houses and want to leave the house spotlessly clean or looking for a new owner for your property, Austral Cleaning is your partner in cleaning at the end of your lease time. We will make the property ready and brand new for its next phase. We have got your covered. Just call at 0733332121