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Are you looking to hire bond cleaners? You are in the right place to get you house cleaned and polished.

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Bond Cleaning Services in Southport

Bond cleaning services 

Bond cleaning, end of lease cleaning, vacate cleaning, etc. give the same meaning. If you are in the end of lease period or if your bond is about to expire, it is high time you clean your house properly. Cleaning the house completely and handing over the keys is something the land owners or real estate managers would expect from you. Therefore,  best to get your house cleaned by professional cleaners.

A professional cleaner knows what should be covered in cleaning. Hiring a  cleaner too can be confusing for you. There are several cleaning services providing organization who can have fake cleaners. So, it is best if you carefully choose the professionals by checking whether they are legally registered and the work experience in the same industry.

Austral bond cleaners – #1 cleaners

Austral cleaning services are now providing cleaning services in South port too. We have been serving in the same industry for more than 12 years. Our crew consists of professional cleaners who are well trained and experienced in domestic and commercial cleaning. Our  janitors who can transform your homes, office or factories into a spotless looking environment.

Our Cleaners are trustworthy with their services.  They have the potential to transform your place into its best. We are a legally registered organization who have been serving for more than a decade. Our loyal customers visit us often for more of our services. We provide a variety of services like house cleaning, bond cleaning, office cleaning, building washing, pest control, pressure cleaning, carpet cleaning, event cleaning, spring cleaning, etc.

We guarantee a satisfying service. In case if your property manager is not happy with a particular spot, our cleaners will be revisiting your place within the next 48 hours to do a re-cleaning service. This re-cleaning service will be done for free of charge. So, you do not have to worry about paying an extra amount.

Why choose Austral cleaners?

Have you ever thought why choose Austral above all the other cleaners? Out of our years of experience we have built trust with our customers. The following are the reasons why we stand above the rest.

  • Flexible with plans – We are very flexible in making plans. The schedules and plans can be made based on the customer’s request. Our cleaners are available throughout the day. Therefore, you can book us to do the service at any time you prefer.
  • Best customer care provided throughout – The call center and the customer support crew are active throughout the whole day. We provide you guidance in making your bookings and supporting you.
  • Trained professional team – Our cleaners are professionally trained to do a high-quality cleaning service. The training and experience throughout several years have made them experts in the field of cleaning.
  • Services of high standards – The services provided by Austral cleaners are of very high standards. From the beginning till the end we ensure that you are given a happy service.
  • Promising service – We guarantee that you will be satisfied 100% throughout the whole service. Your satisfaction is our first priority. Therefore, we would thrive to give you a promising service.
  • Efficient and quick – Cleaning services provided by us are very efficient and is on time. We do a quick and neat bond cleaning service.  Our janitors use effective methods to transform your home to have a better look.
  • High-end machine – We use machines and equipment which are of higher demand in the market. Using these machines cleaning becomes very efficient and easy.

Checklist of Bond Lease Cleaning in Fortitude Valley

Most of the cleaning is included in the list for bond cleaning. Our checklist for bond cleaning services in Southport includes the following

  • Highly trained professional janitors will be sent for the cleaning service
  • Modern and eco-friendly equipment
  • Top rated customer care and 100% guaranteed service
  • The required chemicals will be bought by us
  • The entire room will be dusted
  • Making the walls look spotless and clean
  • All surfaces will be washed and cleaned
  • Cleaning mirrors and all glass surface areas
  • Dusting fans blades, blinds, curtains, covers, window panes, door frames, and all furnishings
  • Cleaning filters
  • Wiping the air conditioning units
  • Dusting off the wardrobes
  • Vacuuming the floor and mopping it
  • Cleaning cooktop, grill, stoves, rangehood and burners
  • Cleaning cupboards completely
  • Cleaning the walls till they are spotless and white
  • Scrubbing, cleaning and disinfecting the sinks and taps
  • Wiping all the furniture (tables, chairs, racks)
  • Emptying bins in the disposal unit
  • Clean inside and outside of dishwasher, oven Refrigerator cleaning (Microwave, fridge, defrost freezer – Additional Labor Hour applies)
  • Cleaning windows, window panes, blinds, door frames and fly screens
  • Vacuuming the floor
  • Mopping the floor
  • Dusting and washing all tops
  • Dusting all the furnishings and ceiling fans
  • Dusting and cleaning doors and windows
  • Cleaning mirrors and surfaces covered by glass
  • Wiping outside the air conditioning units
  • Cleaning filters
  • Wiping and cleaning skirting boards
  • Dusting blinds, windows, doors, etc.
  • Cleaning the walls
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor
  • Cleaning and polishing mirror and glass surfaces
  • Washing shower curtains, mirrors and rails
  • Cleaning cabinet tops and drawers
  • Removing moulds from tiles, ceiling and walls
  • Scrubbing and cleaning tiles
  • Sweeping, scrubbing and mopping floors
  • Scrubbing bathtub and showers
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the toilets and pipes
  • Dusting and polishing surfaces with  glass and mirrors
  • Dusting ceiling fans and fan blades
  • Dusting off blinds, window covers, curtains, etc.
  • Wiping outside air conditioning units
  • Cleaning filters
  • Cleaning the walls completely (Removing marks)
  • Cleaning and dusting the skirting boards
  • Dusting and wiping window frames and window sills
  • Sweeping the garage completely
  • Sweeping, scrubbing and washing the balcony
  • Wiping the balcony rails