Bond cleaning in Oxen ford

Do you want to clean your property and make it attain its original glow? Austral is in your hometown to serve you with high standards.

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Bond cleaning in Oxenford

Experts in cleaning who can transform your property 

Cleaning the whole house with your family team is possible only to an extent. You might not have suitable equipment or a suitable chemical to do the cleaning. This is when a professional cleaner is required. The touch of a professional cleaner can give a proper finishing for your house.

Are you looking to hire a professional cleaner who can transform your property into the best look it can have? Why hunt while Austral is looking at you? Our outstanding service in cleaning has made several regular customers request for more services. We are sure that you too will like our service and friendly cleaners. Our main mission in working is your satisfaction. We work until your expectation is met.

We are a legally authorized and registered organization. The well-trained cleaners from our firm can clean from small carpet to washing a whole building with happy hearts. Our expertise depends on the latest technologies and methods we use for cleaning along with today’s machinery. You can rely on Austral.

Why choose Austral?

Are you thinking why choose Austral when there are several other cleaners? On researching with our regular customers we came up with the reasons why we stand above the rest.

  • High standard service – We provide a high-class standard in cleaning your house. Our janitors ensure that every hook and corner is covered by cleaning them.
  • Green policy – At Austral, we strongly follow the green policy. So, all the machine and chemicals we use cause no harm to the environment. The products we use are Eco-friendly.
  • Excellent customer support – Out customer care team provides great support 24/7. So you can contact us at any time and book our service.
  • Affordable rates – We make sure that the rates are affordable by all tenants. We have the most comparative price rates. Therefore, you can try our service for a reasonable rate.
  • High-end machine – The machines and equipment we use are designed in a manner that assists in doing an extraordinary cleaning job. These equipment are rated high in the markets too.
  • On-time – The service we provide is on time. We do not prefer our customers waiting for our arrival or for our service to be done. Our janitors reach your destination at the right time and would efficiently.
  • 100% Satisfaction – We as a larger team guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied by our promising service.

Believe it. There is a high chance of getting your bond back again! 

Yes, you will have a greater chance of getting your money or the keys back again. Our service is of high class. Due to this most of our customers return to us for more services. Your property owner too will be very satisfied with the service we offer. In case if the landlord has an issue with our cleaning, you can contact us again. We will return to your spot to do a re-cleaning service within the next 72 hours. And this will be done for free.

The booking can be done by contacting through the number given on this page. Or you can also give the details in the online form provided. Once the form is submitted your appointment (date and time) will be booked. Our friendly staffs in the customer support team will guide if you have any queries in making your free quote today.

Checklist of end of lease cleaning in Oxenford

Our checklist for bond cleaning services in Oxenford includes the following cleaning tasks. They were decided with our property owner-associates who are our regular customers. Austral provides you with an opportunity to add or remove any services. If you do not want a particular service or if you want to include a service, it will be considered. You only have to request them when making your appointment.

  • Cleaning the top surface of the cooking area, grill,  range hood stoves, and burners
  • Cleaning outside the cupboards completely
  • Wiping all furnishings (tables, chairs, racks)
  • Emptying trash in the respective disposal areas
  • Making walls look spotless
  • Cleaning the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven cleaning (Fridge, microwave, defrost freezer –Extra work hour applies)
  • Cleaning window sills, doors, windows, window panes and door frames
  • Scrubbing, disinfecting and cleaning the pipes and sinks
  • Dust off blinds, fly screens, curtains, covers, etc.
  • Mopping and vacuuming the floor
  • Mirrors will be polished and glass surfaces will be cleaned
  • Removing dirt or any unwanted growth (algae, moss) from tiles, ceilings and walls (if removable)
  • Cleaning cabinets and drawers
  • Scrubbing, washing and mopping the floors
  • Cleaning toilets with disinfectants and detergents that can cleanse the pipeline
  • Scrubbing, washing and cleaning tiles
  • Scrubbing the shower and bathtub
  • Washing the rails and shower curtains
  • Dusting and cleaning window panes and door frames
  • Cleaning mirrors with glass cleaners
  • Removing spots and marks from the walls
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor
  • Wiping and cleaning outside the air conditioning units
  • Wiping and cleaning the skirting boards
  • Dusting the furniture, ceiling lights, ceiling fans and light switches
  • Dusting the dirt off the blinds, cleaning the curtains, covers and fly screens
  • Dusting and cleaning all top surfaces
  • Wiping all surface tops
  • Dusting the cupboards and wardrobes
  • Cleaning mirrors and all glass surface areas
  • Vacuuming and mopping
  • Cleaning the air conditioning units
  • Cleaning the walls till they are spotless
  • Cleaning the whole room
  • Dusting fans blades, ceiling fans, curtains, blinds, fly screens, etc.
  • Dusting fan blades, ceiling lights, etc.
  • Dusting and wiping window frames, door frames, furnishings and window sills
  • The floors will be swept and mopped
  • Wiping outside the air conditioning units
  • Water filters will be cleaned
  • Dusting and cleaning all top and side surfaces
  • Dusting and wiping the skirting boards
  • Making the walls spot-free
  • Dusting off blinds, covers, and curtains
  • Polishing and wiping mirror and glass surfaces
  • The garage will be swept
  • Sweeping and washing the balcony
  • Wiping the rails in it
  • High-end machine will be used for cleaning
  • Best customer care and high-quality service
  • Highly-trained crew of janitors
  • Eco-friendly chemicals will be brought by us