Bond cleaning in Biggera Waters

Are you looking for bond cleaning services in your city? Search no more as Austral cleaners are here in your city to help you with cleaning.

Bond cleaning Biggera Waters

What is bond cleaning?

Once your bond comes to an end it is essential to vacate the house. Before you vacate, cleaning the house and returning the keys is important. But will you be able to clean the house by yourself? We understand that cleaning takes the last place in the checklist. Not many people like spending time cleaning. Bond cleaning is different from the usual house cleaning. Having a professional cleaner to cleanse the house for you is the best idea. Search no more for a professional cleaner as Austral cleaners are now in Biggera Waters. You can sit aside and observe while we clean your property.

Austral bond cleaners – Top cleaners in Biggera Waters

Austral bond cleaners are highly qualified to clean your houses. They can make your houses glow with a spark. All stubborn and hard environment can glow with the guidance of our janitors. Our highest priority is your satisfaction. We guarantee that your property manager or landowner will be happy with our service.

Every cleaner at Austral is professionally trained to do a quality cleaning service. All the cleaners in our team possess years of experience in the cleaning industry. The machine and equipment used by our team are designed with the latest technologies. These machine help in cleaning every hook and corner completely with no evidence of dirt in that spot. Our service is timely. We are punctual in providing our service. Austral janitors are the best in offering the cleaning service efficiently. You would not regret having a chance with us.

Austral cleaners have unique standards in the service they offer. Their final results would amaze you with happiness and satisfaction. Our team of janitors strictly follow the Eco-friendly policy. All external products used by us are tested before usage. Hence, there would be no harm caused by us to your house, environment, furniture, or even on pets. Therefore, you need not worry about the work done. You can rely on us by giving your property to our hands.

Receive your bond again

Hiring Austral cleaners can help in both, making your house glow and also aids you in receiving your bond again. You would be glad to get your keys back. In case if your property manager has an issue with our cleaning in a particular spot, a re-cleaning service will be done. This will be done within the next 72 hours. The best news is it will be done for free of charge. So why wait when you have Austral cleaners in your city to remove the burden off your checklist.

How do I make my quote or bond cleaning?

You can make your quote today for free. Either you can call us on the number given or fill in the online form available on this page. Staffs from our customer support team will guide you in making and confirming your appointments. It is best to make bookings a week before so that prior planning can be done. Hurry and make your quote today.

Checklist for bond cleaning

The following gives the checklist for bond cleaning in Biggera Waters. This list was made on discussing with our regular customers and the board of property managers (who are our customers). This list can be customized based on your request. Some tasks might cost additional charges (due to additional work hours and products required for the task).

  • Cleaning and dusting windows, window sills, fly screens, curtains, blinds and door frames
  • Wiping the cupboards and pantries (inside and out)
  • Cleaning grills, cooktop, burners, stoves and range hood
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting the drains, sinks and taps
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor
  • Wiping and dusting the furniture (tables, chairs, racks)
  • Spot cleaning the walls for a flawless look
  • Emptying bins and disposing of in the disposal unit
  • Clean both sides of the oven, refrigerator and dishwasher cleaning (Microwave, fridge, defrost freezer – Extra Labor Hour applies
  • Dusting all furnishings
  • Dusting and cleaning doors and door frames
  • Dusting the window sills, panes and blinds, covers, etc.
  • Wiping and washing all surfaces (including glass surfaces)
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor
  • Wiping the blades, lights, switches and ceiling fans
  • Wiping outside air conditioning units
  • Removing all marks and spots from the walls
  • Wiping all mirrors and glass areas
  • Eco-friendly and latest technology equipment
  • Highly professional team of cleaners
  • Needed chemicals will be brought
  • First – rate customer support and care
  • Cleaning toilets and sink (by scrubbing and disinfecting)
  • Scrubbing, washing and cleaning tiles
  • Scrubbing and washing the showers and bathtub
  • Washing mirrors, shower curtains and rails
  • Dusting the cabinet tops and drawers
  • Removing dirt from tiles, ceiling and walls (if removable)
  • Sweeping and mopping the floors
  • Wiping all glass surfaces (polishing will also be done)
  • Dusting the entire room
  • Dusting the window, window sills and blinds
  • Cleaning outside the air conditioning units
  • Spot cleaning walls by removing all marks
  • Dusting the bookshelf
  • Wiping ceiling fans and fan blades
  • Dusting the curtains, covers, etc.
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor
  • Dusting wardrobes and all furnishings
  • Washing and cleaning the filters
  • Cleaning mirrors and all glass surfaces
  • Cleaning and dusting the skirting boards
  • Wiping and cleaning fans, fan blades, furniture, etc.
  • Washing the filters
  • Wiping the outer part of the air conditioning units
  • Wiping and washing all surfaces
  • Cleaning and wiping mirrors and all surfaces by glass
  • Dusting off and cleaning the curtains, window covers and blinds
  • Removing mold from the walls
  • Dusting and wiping, window sills, window frames, door frames, and windows
  • Wiping and dusting the rails and frames
  • Sweeping and washing the balcony completely
  • Sweeping and cleaning the garage