Do you have dirty carpets?

And confused on how to clean the stubborn dirt? Austral cleaners are here to help you solve your worries.

Carpet Cleaning Wynnum

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Out of the people who want their carpets professionally cleaned, the rest wonder why choose a professional cleaner to clean their carpets? There are several ways, products and techniques a professional cleaner would know than a non-professional cleaner.

Austral Cleaning is here today providing our quality services in Wynnum. Our main intention is to meet your expectation through our result. The high standards in our service are one of the main reasons why our regular customers return back to us for more services.

Our highly trained cleaners are experts in removing hard and stubborn stains. The latest equipment we use helps in washing off dirt and stains. We guarantee you a 100% satisfaction rate and happiness through our service.

What makes us stand out of all other cleaning services?

The reasons why our regular customers return back to us are:

  • Highly-trained cleaners – Austral team has highly trained and professional cleaners to help you with your cleaning.
  • 24/7 customer care – We provide 24 hours customer support. Feel free to contact us at any time.
  • Good communication – Our team including cleaners and customer support team possess good communication skills. Therefore, communication will not be a barrier to our service.
  • Service on time – Timely service is one of the key goals that we follow.
  • Efficient and speed – Austral cleaning services are efficient and are quick with the job
  • Flexible – Even though we have a checklist or a plan for cleaning, it can be changed upon your request.
  • Affordable rates – We ensure that all tenants have an opportunity to make a quote with us. So, our rates are reasonable and affordable.
  • High standard service – The services offered by us is of high standards as we use the latest technologies to do the cleaning.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction – Austral cleaning team ensures that you are 100% satisfied through our service. We guarantee you complete satisfaction.

Types of carpet cleaning

Carpet Shampooing

This method is the oldest of all techniques. The wet shampoo is used to cleanse the dirt away. It requires a lot of drying time. During the 1970s this was quite famous. However, the washed carpet will have white shampoo patches and might shrink the carpet.

Hot Water Extract Cleaning

This is a great method to remove the pollutants from your carpets. Firstly, the machine has a small part which sprays out hot water and detergent together. Secondly, the detergent is dissolved in the water which loosens the dirt particles too. And in final, the dirt is dissolved and removed along with the extracted water.

This method is recommended globally. It not only cleanses your carpet but also it protects the fibre in your carpet. Protecting your carpet and your properties are one of our main intentions.

Bonnet Cleaning

This method is good at cleaning the top surface of your carpet. The latest equipment used for this method has a spinning pad. This pad is like a sponge which is soft and can absorb. It also uses a motor which is heavy-duty. It requires less amount of water, therefore, it takes less time to dry. Bonnet cleaning is preferred mostly in hotels mainly because it dries quickly. However, the top surface is cleaned easily but the bottom can get dirty in a shorter period.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

The steam cleaning method is also used by many people. Steam is produced from the machine. It is put to the top surface of the carpet. Such that, the dirt and the pollutant particles are removed. However, excess heat on the carpet is not good. If the nature of the carpet is a man-made fibre, high steam can damage it.

Austral professional cleaners are good in deciding the right amount of steam and heat based on the nature of your carpet. The latest equipment we possess help our cleaners do an effective job to meet your expectation.


The process of encapsulation uses a chemical to do the cleaning. This chemical is brushed to the carpet by a rotating brush. Meanwhile, the carpet dries and the chemical loosens the pollutants on the carpet. After that, the carpet can be vacuumed or simply brushed off. This is how Encapsulation method works.

When this method was introduced, the carpet shampooing method got outdated. Austral cleaners are very careful when it comes to chemicals or any other external products. We ensure that the products we use are eco-friendly. So, have no worries in calling us to serve you.

Dry carpet cleaning/ Compound Cleaning

This method is considered to be the best method out of all the other methods. This uses the latest technologies and has the latest techniques to cleanse a carpet. Since it is a safe method to be used, carpet producers too recommend this method. We do provide this service.

This universally used method requires powder to be used in cleaning. This powder is produced by the producers based on our requirement. Our requirement of the powder is based on the nature of your carpet. Before we start cleaning we inspect your carpets and make sure we choose the safest method for your carpet.

In final, Austral cleaners are always by your side when it comes to cleaning. Our qualities and high standards make us stand out of all the cleaning services. Make your quote today to gain our service in Wynnum.