Do you have dirty carpets in the place where you stay or work? And does it annoy to see them unclean? Austral Cleaners are here to help you get over this.


Carpet Cleaners in the Western Suburbs

Austral Cleaners for Carpet Cleaning in the Western Suburbs

Do you have heavy stains like pet stain, blood, ink, red wine or any kind of hard stain on your carpet? And do you find it hard to remove the dirt and stains? On trying to remove them does it damage your carpet? Well, it’s high time you stop trying them and get a professional cleaner to fix it.

Our professional cleaners possess years of experience and pieces of training to do carpet cleaning. So, handling tough and stubborn dirt or stains is their usual duty. The equipment they use is built based on the latest techniques and methodologies. Our team is trained well with the cleaning process. So, they have a good idea of choosing the best method of cleaning for your carpet.

We provide a larger scale of service in carpet cleaning. Our expert cleaners are well trained in different types of cleaning carpets. We first examine your carpet and then choose the right method of cleaning to avoid damaging the fiber in the carpet. Some carpets are sensitive and some have hand-made fiber. Exposing these carpets to excess heat or chemicals can shrink and spoil the longevity of the carpet.

Reasons That Make Us Stand Out Of All The Cleaners.

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We provide a high-quality service. Our service is always rated the best by our regular customers.

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Austral cleaners are very sure that you will be satisfied 100% through our service.


Both the cleaning staff and the support center have great communication skill. This wouldn’t be an obstacle to our service.

Types of Carpet Cleaning in the Western Suburbs

Carpet Shampooing

The carpet shampooing method is not being used nowadays. It was used during the last century. This requires a lot of water and shampoo to cleanse the dirt away. Soft dirt particles can be removed easily using this method. But, having hard stains and hard dust particles are quite hard to remove using this method.


After the introduction of this method, the carpet shampooing became outdated. Encapsulation uses a chemical to remove the stubborn dirt from the carpet. Our highly-trained cleaners use eco-friendly chemicals. The chemical is put on the carpet by a brush in the machine. This chemical encapsulates the dirt. After that, it can be washed or brushed away.

Bonnet Cleaning

Most of the hotels prefer this method as they have regular customers and they can’t have wet carpets. This method requires less water to do the cleaning. It focuses mostly on the top surface of the carpet.

Firstly, the padded part of the machine is kept on the carpet surface. Secondly, it rotates on the carpet and absorbs the dirt. In final, the dirt is removed by brushing it off or vacuuming. Since it focuses more on the top surface, the bottom can get dirty quite sooner.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam is used to remove the pollutants. Excess of steam and heat can damage the nature of the carpet. Therefore, it is essential to observe the type of carpet well and then choose the right amount of heat needed for the carpet cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Compound cleaning is another name we use for the dry carpet cleaning method. This is the most popular method among all the civilians. It is considered to be safe and eco-friendly to be used anywhere. Less water is required for this type of cleaning. So, drying would not be a problem in this case.

This method of cleaning uses a particular type of powder. The powder is produced by the manufacturers based on the requirement of the client. Our qualified cleaners ensure that the powder, chemical or any external item is eco-friendly.

Hot Water Extraction Method

The hot water extraction machine has a portion which expels hot water along with detergent. This mixture is sprayed on the surface of the carpets. The detergent is then dissolved and loosens the dirt. Along with the extracted water, the dirt and the unnecessary pollutants get washed away. This method is also adopted by many clients. Most of them are hotel customers and office customers