Are you looking for some carpet cleaners? And confused about whom to choose? Austral Cleaning is here to take over your confusions.


Carpet Cleaning in Logan

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You might be a homemaker, officer, real estate agent or anyone wondering how to clean the carpet well without damaging it. The service you are looking for is on this page. Austral cleaners, rated as the topmost are here in Logan to help you cleanse your carpets.

Dirty carpets do not give a polite look. And if your carpet is in a hotel or at an office, it might not welcome the customers with a happy face. Keeping the carpets clean is as important as keeping your place clean. We understand dusting the carpets is easier than cleaning it thoroughly.

Tiny dust particles and dirt may be stuck on the surface of the carpet and it can destroy the beauty of a neat carpet. Austral cleaners are here to cleanse your carpets and get them polished and cleaned like the new ones. Our service is of high quality and we use harmless (for the environment) equipment and chemicals for the cleaning process.

Is carpet cleaning important?

YES, it definitely is important to clean your carpets. This is an object that is stepped by everyone all the time. We cleanse our shoe bottoms on theses carpets such that, the dirt from the shoe goes to the carpet. Therefore, the carpet has to be cleaned quite often.

Cleaning the carpet doesn’t mean to remove the dust alone. Removing the stains too includes under this service. For example, if your carpet has hard stains and pollutants that cannot be brushed, they can be easily removed by our cleaners with the help of our latest equipment. We provide a wide scope of carpet cleaning services.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Shampooing 

This is the oldest method used. It was used from the 1970s. Those days’ people cleansed their carpets with wet shampoo. But, it resulted in having white patches in the carpet. The pollutants were too not completely removed from the rugs.

Bonnet Cleaning

This cleaning method mostly focuses on the front side of the carpet. This method uses a motor which is heavy in duty. It has a spinning pad in front which absorbs the dirt on rotation. This method requires less water. Therefore, drying the carpet is not a problem in this method. Most of the hotels use this method as it dries quickly. However, since bonnet cleaning focuses more on the top surface, the bottom of the carpet can get unclean in a shorter period.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This method is quite famous among people. The machine sprays hot water and detergent together to the carpet. The detergent then dissolves in the hot water. After that, the dirt is also dissolved and removed along with the extracted water. This method is also widely suggested by carpet producers.


Once this method was introduced, carpet shampooing lost its market. This method uses chemicals to do the cleaning. Austral cleaners make sure they purchase the suitable solution for your carpet type. The chemical solution producers will be contacted by us, to make the solution based on the nature of your carpet. Firstly, this chemical will be applied to the carpet surface. Secondly, the pollutants and the dirt particles loosen up and encapsulate. In final, the deposits can be brushed or vacuumed.

Austral cleaners are trained in such a manner that, they choose the right amount of chemical needed for your carpet. Some carpets are sensitive and can react to the chemical. Proper investigation and observation will be done before the chemical is applied.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

The carpet steam cleaning method releases hot steam to the top and bottom surfaces of the carpet. This can remove the dust particles from the carpet. However, the carpet might tend to shrink. Using an excess of heat or steam can cause damage to your carpet. It can spoil the nature of the carpet. If it is a man-made fibre, there is a high chance of causing damage to the carpet.

Our highly skilled cleaners possess knowledge and experience in choosing an excellent method for your carpet. They also are aware of the amount of heat and chemicals that can be used on your carpets.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This method is the latest of all the types. It is declared to be the most productive and efficient method in carpet cleaning. This cleaning method uses the powder that can remove the dirt particles from your carpet. The powder producers, produce it based on the nature of your carpet.

Our technical latest equipment would be used to remove the dissolved pollutant particles. This method is mostly used in hotels and offices.

At Austral, our utmost intention is to satisfy our clients through our top quality service. We guarantee you a 100% satisfaction at the end of our cleaning. Your carpets will be safe and sound in our hands will be returned clean and tidy. Our highly-trained cleaners would make sure their service is efficient and causes no harm to the environment. The chemicals and the equipment we use are eco-friendly. So, feel free to book your quote today.