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Best Carpet Cleaners in Redcliffe

#1 Austral Cleaners in Cleaning Carpets

You might be an employee or even a homemaker wondering how to clean the untidy carpets in your environment. If your carpet has hard stains and stubborn dirt, then cleaning by yourself is not going to help.

Hiring a professional cleaner from Austral is going to help you clean your carpet in no time. We have qualified professional cleaners who know to handle tough environments too. Our cleaners use the latest machine that uses trendy techniques to handle hard environments.

Austral cleaners provide a wide range of carpet cleaning services. We have different techniques and methods to imply on your carpets based on its’ type. Our trained cleaners are very careful in making sure not to cause any damage to your carpets. During carpet cleaning using the harsh method can damage the fiber of your carpet. This is why we inspect your carpet before choosing the right method of cleaning.

Reasons why we are rated as #1

  • Timely service – The service we provide is usually on time. We reach your destination on time to start our service.
  • Highly-trained team – Our crew of cleaners are well trained with the latest equipment and technologies. They also possess years of experience in the field of cleaning.
  • 24/7 customer care – Austral support center is available for you to contact our service anytime. We are open for 24 hours
  • Good communication – Communication will not be a barrier between our staff and customers. All our team members have great communication skill.
  • Flexible – The checklist we provide in the beginning can be altered based on your requirement, upon clear request.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction – We guarantee you a 100% satisfaction at the end of our service.
  • Promising service – The service provided by Austral cleaners are at its highest standards. We ensure that the quality doesn’t decrease
  • Competitive pricing – We ensure that all the residents have an opportunity to gain our service. Therefore, our rates are reasonable when compared.
  • Effective and fast –   The service we provide is very effective and is fast

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Shampooing

This method uses a lot of water to get the dirt removed. It uses wet shampoo along with water. This was widely used during the 1970s. However, after the introduction of several other techniques, carpet shampooing turned out to be outmoded. This method takes a long time to dry.


This method uses chemicals to cleanse the carpets. The machine used for this method has a brush which applies the chemical on the carpet. And this brush encapsulates the hard dirt. After drying it can be removed either by brushing or vacuuming the dirt off. After this method was introduced, the carpet shampooing method turned outmoded.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning mostly focuses on the top surface of the carpets. It has a cushion-like pad with a rotatory. This rotatory rotates and is kept to brush the top surface of the carpet. The sponge absorbs the dirt. In the end, the dust particles are removed by the sponge

This method is mostly used by the hotels as it doesn’t require much drying time. However, only the top surface of the carpet is cleaned well. The bottom part can have dirt stored again in a short period.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is used rarely nowadays. It is very important to consider the fiber of your carpet. If it was a hand-made carpet, the fiber in it will be very sensitive. Exposing it to high steam and heat can damage the nature of the carpet.

Professional cleaners from Austral would know the most suitable method of cleaning when it comes to carpet. Too much of anything can shrink or damage the longevity of your carpet.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This is the most reliable method. It is used globally to remove dirt and hard stains from the carpet. This method is highly recommended by carpet manufacturers. It uses a particular powder that is prepared based on customer requirement.

This powder when applied cleanses the dirt and it polishes the look of the carpet. This method is also called as the compound cleaning method. Our trained cleaners ensure that and chemical or powder used in your premises will be Eco-friendly.

Hot Water Extraction Method

The latest equipment used for this method has a small part which sprays hot water and detergent together on the surface of the carpet. This helps the dirt and the stubborn pollutants loosen in the water. In final, the dirt is washed away with the extracted water. This method is also recommended among then hotels and office.

Looking at the various types of cleaning you can choose what is best for your carpet. But a professional cleaner would guarantee you satisfaction and would give you the best through his service. Feel free to quote your order and witness our service!