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Is your carpet clean? How clean is it?

Dirty carpets not only look bad, they’re also loaded with pollutants, grime and these particles break down carpet fibres every time you walk on your carpet. At austral Cleaning we provide a wide range of carpet cleaning services.

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Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Prices

  • Regular price – $99.00 + GST
  • Online booking – $89

  • Regular price – $49.00 + GST
  • Online booking – $39

Room ( Up to 16 SQM)

  • Regular price – $79.00 + GST
  • Online booking – $69

  • Regular price – $49.00 + GST
  • Online booking – $39

Room Up to 16 SQM

  • Regular price – $79.00 + GST
  • Online booking – $69

  • Regular price – $49.00 + GST
  • Online booking – $39

Up to 16 SQM

  • Regular price – $79.00 + GST
  • Online booking – $69


$300per Stair
  • Regular price – $4.00 + GST
  • Online booking – $3 per Stair

Stains Remove

$300Per Stains
  • Regular price – $4.00 + GST
  • Online booking – $3 Per Stains

Hallway / Walkway

  • Regular price – $49.00 + GST
  • Online booking – $29

  • Normal price – $69.00 + GST
  • Online booking – $59

  • Normal price – $99.00 + GST
  • Online booking – $79

1 Seater

  • Normal price – $99.00 + GST

2 Seater

  • Normal price – $129.00 + GST

3 Seater

  • Normal price – $149.00 + GST

Up to 100 SQM

$399per SQM
  • Normal price – $4.99 per SQM

101 SQM to 200 SQM

$295per SQM
  • Normal price – $3.95 per SQM

201 SQM to 500 SQM

249per SQM
  • Normal price – $3.49 per SQM

Why Carpet Cleaning is So important

Carpet cleaning refers to the removal of stains and dirt from the carpet to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Carpets are usually placed on the floor for the good looks it brings to the room/ area and its basic purpose is to keep feet clean comfortably and beautifully. Various types of carpets will need cleaning according to its type. These include the nylon carpets that are generally hard and are mostly used for industrial purposes and need professional carpet cleaning as these tend to catch stains very fast due to its rough usage. The other type are the ones that are made out of acrylic which has a wool-like texture and is more comfortable than the other options. This will need a more thorough cleaning. We go through a detailed and high-quality cleaning process as it is very important to maintain hygiene with materials that attract germs very quickly. Clean carpets appear to be more attractive and are beneficial to the customers of the carpet cleaners in north Brisbane. (company name), in Brisbane uses high-quality equipment to give our customers the best carpet cleaning and pest control services in the whole of Brisbane.


Hot water extraction cleaning (HWE)

widely used and known for professional cleaning. HWE is where a piece of equipment sprays hot water and detergent at the same time on the carpet and later, the water is extracted and the dissolved dirt also comes along with the extracted water. This is the most widely used and recommended method of cleaning by carpet manufacturers and carpet cleaning companies as it provides a deep cleaning and doesn’t damage the material. Steam cleaning service is provided by many carpet cleaning companies in north Brisbane but it happens to damage the man-made carpet fibers as the process mostly uses heat. As there are different types of carpets, the effect on each of them will be different. Some fibers may shrink due to heat and some may become harsh. Therefore, it is best to get carpets professionally cleaned by professional carpet cleaning services north Brisbane.

Carpet Shampooing

was quite popular until the new technology, encapsulation was introduced in the 1970s. Wet shampoo cleaning usually leaves leftover shampoo after the wash which leads to the substance remaining on the carpet and white patches may appear after the carpet dries.


is the process that uses an enclosing chemical that is brushed into the carpet using a rotating brush and after the carpet dries, the loosened dirt particles will encapsulate into powder and then it can be brushed off or vacuumed.  After the introduction of this method, carpet shampooing has been outdated, as this method uses less water and the results are very quick and efficient. Carpet cleaning companies have admired this means of cleaning as it also uses environmentally friendly products which have less chemical leftover after cleaning.

Bonnet Cleaning

is the process where the front side of the carpet is cleaned using a heavy-duty motorized machine which consists of a spinning padding like a cushion that will absorb the dirt from the carpet. This method is popular in hotels as it can give a quick result of carpet cleaning in a public area which has to dry quickly and will not require a lot of liquid material like water or soap to finish the carpet cleaning process. However, since the carpet is mainly cleaned from top, the dirt under the surface of the material may gather again in a short time.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

also called compound cleaning and is referred to as one of the latest technology found in the current market and has become a really popular method to have cleaned carpets. Since it is a very productive method of cleaning, it is recommended by carpet producers and we provide you this service, so you don’t have to go too far. However, since the traditional methods of carpet cleaning in North Brisbane and other countries have remained the wet carpet cleaning, it is very difficult for people to start believing in this method of carpet cleaning.
Since it is a universal method, the dry carpet cleaning equipment producers find their Unique Selling Point (USP) by making cleaning powders by themselves so they can cater to customized requirements. We at (company name) provide safe carpet cleaning solutions for homes and commercial offices as they are always in use.

Carpet steam cleaning

We Austral Cleaning provides professional and well experienced carpet cleaning team in Brisbane, gold Coast and suburbs. Our rates are very reasonable. CALL US Now  0733331722

We don’t want to see you suffer with stains on your favorite carpets. As they require professional cleaning and detailed process and products that will not harm the fibers of the carpet, we understand the need for this and we bring it to you at a very affordable price. The cost of the stain depends on the size of the stain but the average cost of removing a single stain is $3 (per stain). Bigger and more difficult stains might take a while but it will be done for you at an average cost.

Carpet steam cleaning is the process of hot water extraction and is a very common method of carpet cleaning as the process provides a deep and thorough cleaning. This helps your favorite carpets last longer as we don’t allow any dirt to stack inside the fibers. Carpet steam cleaning Brisbane per room will be in the range of $4 – $10.

In this process, our professional cleaning services will take over and remove all stains and spots, we will remove odor, steam, dry clean, and protect your fabric. The cost for a single furniture item is between $100 – $150.

How To Choose a Good Carpet Cleaner in Brisbane?

Price is not the only factor that should be considered when taking these services. Of course, it is very important to find a good carpet cleaning company and is best to get several quotes from different providers and then make your decision. But are you sure that you are just concerned about the price and not what a low-quality carpet cleaning service could be provided to you, which might still leave stains behind and maybe even damage your carpets if the wrong product is used? You need to check if the company is a part of the National trade association, which has set rules and training period with a code of practice. (company name) is both certified and professional, so your worries are very less as we provide the best carpet cleaning services north Brisbane. You can ask your family and friends about us, or read our recommendations.

To choose a good carpet cleaner, you need to look at all the characteristics of carpet cleaning and confirm if the facts are true, make sure you don’t make a decision quickly but to take time and choose the best one. There may be a lot of carpet cleaners in north Brisbane and south as well, but you won’t find our services anywhere, but here.

Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

As individuals, we would always give second thoughts on whether it is important to hire a carpet cleaner or you can do it all by yourself. Even though there are things that can be done by you and your team of the house members, it always becomes very tiring and difficult without the right equipment and products and if you have to deal with a very stubborn stain, it might even become impossible. These high-performance equipment and machines are generally very expensive and difficult to operate which will need proper guidance and knowledge. This is why it is very important that you hire a carpet cleaner who will use the magic of his equipment and get rid of all your stains. We provide professional carpet cleaning services as you will need superior cleaning and expertise when it comes to hygiene and cleaning of carpets.