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Unrivaled Commercial Cleaning Services in the Gold Coast

Are you looking for immaculate commercial office cleaning services in the Gold Coast, Austral Cleaning has got you covered! We take the stress out of maintaining a tidy workplace. Allowing you to focus on the work that matters most. You can depend on our cleaning team to arrive on time and provide a reliable service..

A clean and hygienic environment is key to a productive working place for all staff and a more pleasant place for clients to visit and do business. Without proper care, it can contribute to poor employee attitude and time off, whereas a bright and sparkling environment goes a long way towards boosting attitude and adding that sought after edge in today’s competitive business world. Leave it to the best cleaning service in Brisbane.

Make use of our high quality office cleaning services from across the Gold Coast!

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Whether you require a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Clean, we will strive to achieve complete satisfaction from your end through our professional cleaning services! This will be through the only way we know; making your commercial property gleam from top to bottom.

Regular Cleaning – $39  One Off Cleaning – $49

Normal Price – $49          Normal Price – $59

*The rates include GST, labour charges, cleaning products and equipment cost.


This checklist will give you an idea of what we do as a commercial cleaning company. Please do not hesitate to communicate any additional requests to ensure the health and safety of your employees.

Kitchen and Dining Areas

  • Clean sinks, splash backs, bench tops and cupboards
  • Wipe bench tops and surrounds
  • Disinfect drains
  • Take rubbish to disposal point
  • Spot clean the outside of refrigerator
  • Clean the inside & outside of microwave
  • Wipe down all filtered water units
  • Vacuum & mop floors


  • Disinfect seats, lids, urinals, handles and fittings
  • Clean pipes, doors and door grills
  • Spot clean marks on partitions and walls
  • Spot clean shower glass
  • Wipe mirrors
  • Replenish toilet requisites
  • Clean & remove hand marks on doors, walls and light switches
  • Treat floor drains with disinfectant

Reception and Customer Area

  • Clean front, side glass & doors
  • Clean & dust rails, screen tracks and other wall fittings
  • Dust & wipe desks/tables
  • Clean & remove hand marks on doors, walls and light switches
  • Cobweb removal
  • Vacuum, mop & buff all hard floors
  • Sweep & mop staircases including handrail (if any)
  • Clean air vents, grills and surround

Offices, Common Room & Other Rooms

  • Collect rubbish/recycling bins
  • Vacuum carpet floors
  • Dust and wipe office furniture, fittings, filing cabinets, bookcases and framed pictures
  • Remove hand marks & dirt from doors, walls and light switches
  • Dust skirting boards and window ledges
  • Vacuum, mop & buff all hard floors
  • Clean blinds on request


Q: What is the difference between janitorial cleaning and daily office cleaning services?
A: The key difference between janitorial cleaning and daily office cleaning services is that janitorial cleaning services are provided during working hours, whilst daily office cleaning services are provided out of hours. Out of hours consist of either early in the morning or in the evening, with weekends available if required.

Q: How often should an office be cleaned?

A: There is no rule of how often your office should be cleaned, however maintaining a clean and tidy office environment boosts productivity and morale of employees, so regular office cleaning should be a priority. Call us to hear more about commercial cleaning solutions.

Q: Can you provide references?

A: Yes. Once you have received the formal quotation from us and are serious about going ahead, we will be happy to provide you with customer references to help you finalise your decision. We are highly recommended  and have many testimonials from our existing customers on our website.

Q: Have your commercial cleaners in Brisbane received training?

A: Yes. Each one and everyone of our cleaning staff has received comprehensive in-house and in-situ training for them to skilfully perform their duties. Truly professional cleaners.

Q: Do you supply everything required for deep cleaning?

A: Yes. We supply all the labour, equipment, machinery and materials required to carry out all our cleaning tasks within the agreed price. Consumables such as toilet rolls, hand towels, refuse sacks and bin liners can also be brought as per request.