After the first outbreak of the Covid19 in December 2019it was still very new to people, but in march 2020, just in the span of about 3 months it has been declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), is said to have infected various individuals globally.

The Covid19 is a disease transmitted by the touch or respiratory droplets of an infected person. This virus cannot be detained but rather should be eliminated at the sights of its early symptoms such as a cold or fever and then followed by a dry cough, which in its most severe stage leads to pneumonia. The WHO urges the people to avoid going to crowded places and rather self-quarantine themselves in fear that they might be exposed to the virus.

Several people have been infected by the novel Coronavirus, so much to a point that individuals do not have to be in direct contact with anyone infected to be exposed to the virus. As research puts forward the fact that the virus could actively remain on hard surfaces such as wood and glass. People are advised to take several measures when moving out to refrain from coming into contact with the virus, instructing them to wear surgical masks and gloves as well as make use of the hand sanitizer and other germ-fighting hand rubs and disinfectants. However, the best way to completely eradicate the virus is by either cleaning thoroughly or disinfecting with hand wash and soaps for the body and detergents for apparels.

Cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces that are frequently touched by a lot of people would help kill germs and would reduce the risk of being in contact with the virus. Surfaces such as doorknobs, mobile phones, screens, remotes, stoves, faucets, desks, and other regularly touched surfaces must be constantly cleaned or disinfected. This simple practice of contributing to clean and disinfect possibly contaminated places would encourage most people to be conscious about keeping the environment clean, plus it would also result in them taking up regular health and safety measures.

Before one takes up the measures to clean and disinfect, it is vital that they educate themselves on Covid19 entirely and the various ways they could clean and disinfect their household/workplace. People are recommended to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) before cleaning a contaminated area, this includes the bare minimum of surgical gloves and masks and thereby the following also should be adhered to;

  • Once put on a mask, one should not touch or make any adjustments to it until he/she is ready to take it off.
  • Latex gloves (disposable) are an absolute necessity, as well as the use of an apron fastened at the neck and waist.
  •  Protective eyewear is required to refrain from harmful chemicals entering into the eyes.


As stated above, cleaning and disinfecting could reduce the risk of coming into direct contact with the virus, after wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), one can go ahead. Following are the ways one can use to clean or disinfect;

  • If the area to be cleaned is dirty, a vacuum should be used to put away any debris or dirt particles, followed by mopping the place with alcohol-based cleaning solutions.
  • If cleaning surfaces are used, one should first wipe the surface with water or detergent before disinfecting it.
  • When disinfecting, the solution used should be of at least 70% alcohol as it is said to be the most effective solution.
  • Diluted bleach solutions are also acceptable for this, with the manufacturer’s instructions, followed strictly.
  • Soft surfaces such as carpets and drapes could vacuumed and then thoroughly washed using effective germ-killing detergents.

There is an equal amount of measures to be followed after cleaning and disinfecting;

  • The worn personal protective equipment should be separately put into a waste bag.
  • Once the gloves are taken off, one must immediately wash his/her hands with soap or alcohol hand rubs.
  • Even still, one must refrain from touching his/her eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Once disposed of the used up protective gear, put on a new surgical mask as a measure of overall safety.
  • The collected waste of debris and dirt particles once placed into separate bags, should be immediately thrown away with general waste.

The process of cleaning and disinfecting should be done constantly and is a very tiring job. The best way to ensure it is maintained and done constantly is by breaking down the process and assigning the members of the respective household different tasks of it, in this way everyone would do their part and the whole process is most likely to be done sooner.