I don’t think any of us like having a lot of stains on the carpet. These stains can be annoying. I know, most of us regret after spilling something or puking on the carpet. We regret as the after-work is quite tiring and the beauty of our lovely carpet is no more. Strong stains tend to stay longer. Even one stain on the carpet will spoil the look of the entire carpet. Regardless of it being a strong or light stain.

Important steps to follow during cleaning

  • Use gloves when cleaning.
  • In case of using any external products, read the instructions before using it.
  • Make sure you blot gently and not spread the stain by overdoing it.
  • Use a dry clean cloth when blotting.
  • Use spray bottles as that can avoid over spilling of the mixture you make.

The following are the different types of stains we find it hard to remove from the carpets.

We cannot avoid pet stains on the carpets unless you let them stay in the garden. But it is hard to see our dear pet always staying outdoors. That is when we take them inside the house to cuddle and play with him. In some cases, they just follow us wherever we go.

Eventually, they tend to dirt the carpets at home. This annoys as removing the stain on the carpet is not an easy task. But here are a few suggestions on what you can do to remove pet stains from the carpet. Make sure you use gloves and spray bottles during this cleaning process.

  • First of all, remove all the debris and clean up the mess. If the stain is wet, use the blot method and let it to dry.
  • Then use stain removal product which is formulated especially for pet stains. (You can purchase them from Walmart or any store).
  • You can use white vinegar and quart of heated water to neutralize the stench. Lime juice or lemon can be used as a substitute for white vinegar.
  • If not for any of the above-said products, you can use a stain removing strong detergent. Mix it with a quart of heated water.
  • Spray either of the above-mentioned mixtures on the stain and let it to soak. After that, try the bolt method again till it dries.
  • If needed repeat the same process, till the stain is completely removed.

Accidents do happen. Unexpected spilling can spoil the beauty of the carpet. The coffee stains generally stay longer. If your carpet is light in colour (maybe white), the stain will be visible. The yellowish-brown patch on your carpet may not be a good sign for a clean house. The following suggestion can help you remove coffee/ tea stains from the carpet.

  • First, use a clean cloth to dry the stain. Gently blot on the stain such that the initial patch is removed (make sure you don’t spread the stain).
  • Then mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of liquid dish wash and 1 cup of warm water. Spray a little bit of this mixture on the stain and keep blotting gently.
  • Use a dry cloth when blotting as that helps in absorbing the stain. Repeat the process if necessary till the stain is removed.
  • You can also use the products that are sold specifically for such carpet stains. Make sure you read the instructions before using it.

Like coffee, there are possibilities of us spilling wine on our carpet. Red wine creates a deeper stain than ordinary wine. This can create a reddish-brown patch on the carpet. Removing the red wine stain is quite difficult unless you have the needed items. The following steps will help you remove wine stains.

  • Gently blot the spilled wine immediately.
  • Next, using wine away (can be ordered from amazon) saturate the stain for 5 minutes.
  • Blot the spot till the stain is completely removed.
  • In the end, if there is any residue, it can be removed using a wet cloth.
carpet stains

Looking at blood stains can be quite surprising. The red spot on the carpet is not a good view that everyone would like to see in their homes. The reddish spot will be very prominent no matter what colour your carpet would be. In the case of bloodstains, it has to be removed immediately. As delay can make the stain stay for a longer period. The following are some ways how you can remove stains.

  • Remember to always use cold water when cleansing bloodstains. Using hot water can coagulate blood.
  • Take 2 teaspoons of liquid dish detergent in a spray bottle and mix it with cold water and spray it on the stain. This will moisten and soak the stain entirely.
  • After that use a white cloth to blot the spot. It will absorb the stain completely. Then rinse the cold water. Repeat the process if necessary.
  • You can also use external products from the stores. Blot it till the stain removes. Rinse cold water and repeat till the stain is removed completely.
  • Ink Stains

Most of the children tend to spill ink on the carpets while writing. It sometimes may happen by accident, dropping the ink bottle or maybe even when we shake the pen for the ink to flow well. Ink stains are so bright on the carpets that they create an unfavorable appearance on carpets.

  • Wet a fresh cloth with isopropyl alcohol and blot it on the ink stain. The higher the percentage of alcohol, the better it would react on the stain.
  • After blotting use a vacuum cleaner to dry it off completely.
  • If you don’t have isopropyl alcohol, any product that has a high concentration of alcohol can be used. Products like perfume, nail polish, hairspray etc.
  • If you are about to use any external products, try using a part of the solution in an unnoticeable place on your carpet. And then use it on the stain. This avoids unnecessary side effects.

Try out the above methods to remove ink stains and have bright fresh carpets again.