Cleaning Services


A clean office is easily met by hiring a reliable cleaning service. Austral Cleaning is a cleaning management service that has been in the cleaning industry for 12 years. They offer their services both locally and internationally. They offer office cleaning, house cleaning, supermarket cleaning, and more.

Office cleaning helps give your employees a more comfortable working environment. Austral Cleaning helps sanitize the area to keep them productive.

Supermarket cleaning assures buyers that they are shopping quality goods. The cleanliness of the place keeps bacteria away and helps shoppers shop faster.

Industrial cleaning provides a cleaner environment for tedious types of task. It lessens clutter which may cause accidents. You can also benefit from construction clean.

Event cleaning is another service you can have from Austral Cleaning. This helps guest enjoy the occasion more. You can also avail their Pre-sale cleaning for your store.

House clean is one of the most requested cleaning services from Austral Cleaning Management. They also offer spring cleaning to help lessen allergens.


Inclusions in Each Cleaning Services

Each of these cleaning services includes carpet cleaning, floor polishing, water pressure cleaning, pest control and plumbing.

Carpet cleaning helps your carpet free from dust which may cause your kids allergies especially since they play on the floor most of the time.

Floor polishing keeps the floor perfect especially for special events.

Tile and grouting keeps your tile flooring and walls clean and free from any germs forming in between tiles.

Plumbing keeps you from wasting more water or having your floor flooded from water drips due to water pipe cracks.

Gardening is a must if you hold special events outdoor. It also helps you provide an attractive and relaxing place where you can entertain guests.

Handyman service gives you someone who can help you fix water plumbing and even electrical wiring problems.

If you want your office, especially your home, clean and free from unhealthy elements, contact Austral Cleaning. They presently have 20-30 cleaners which are all trained and screened well.