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5 Steps to Get Your Fridge in Tip-Top Shape
Ever pulled out a container and wondered what that green, fuzzy stuff is? If your fridge smells a bit pungent and you’re not sure what’s lurking behind the front row of...
Apr 12, 2016
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6 Amazing DIY Eco-Friendly Household Cleaner Recipes
Below you will find 6 natural cleaning recipes to help you clean your entire home without the need for any harsh and harmful chemicals. All the ingredients are cheap and can be pur...
Mar 30, 2016
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22 Natural Household Cleaning Tips
1. Use home-made cleaners. You can find all the recipes you will need to clean your entire house here.***
Mar 11, 2016
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5 Ways a Clean Home Could Improve Your Health
We could all learn from the advice of possibly the most famous historical nurse in our history, Florence Nightingale, who said that "the connection between health and the dwelling ...
Mar 15, 2016
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Office Cleaning Matters
If you own a business you should consider hiring a reliable and professional office cleaning to have a clean working environment to enhance the productivity, health and work experi...
Mar 05, 2016
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10 Things Dads Shouldn’t Try to Fix
For many fathers, seeing something broken around their house is an opportunity for them to fix.  No matter how much time you spend performing routine maintenance to keep every...
Mar 03, 2016
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How to Clean Your House in ½ The Time (Even If You Are a Busy Mother)
What would happen if you’re a full time working mother having sassy kids and have no time cleaning your house? Being a mother is not as easy as ABC especially if you are a de...
Feb 08, 2016
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