5 Ways a Clean Home Could Improve Your Health

Mar 15, 2016

We could all learn from the advice of possibly the most famous historical nurse in our history, Florence Nightingale, who said that "the connection between health and the dwelling of the population is one of the most important that exists."

We’ve come a long way from the belief in her time that all disease was caused by bad smells, but she still has a point. There’s just something about living in a clean home that makes you feel better and more set up to deal with life.

So, we’ve looked up 5 ways that rescuing the living room from whatever the children have left across it, that will be better for all of you. Now there’s something to retaliate with when they demand to know why they have to. 

1. Breathe Easier

Take a deep breath in. We worry about the air quality of our streets, or around where we live, but most of us don’t think too much about what’s in the air of our homes. Pollutants in the air like dust or mould spores can be very taxing on our health, particularly if we have pre-existing conditions like dust allergies or asthma.

Someone in the house just given up smoking, and you want to clear away that persistent smell? Liberally sprinkle carpets and sofa fabric with baking soda, before leaving for half an hour and hovering it up. Enjoy a fresh smelling home with ease.

 2. Unwind that Stress 

Forget bubble bath – try scrubbing the bath! It may prevent the natural decline in cortisol that occurs over the course of the day, which plays a key role in dealing with adrenaline. 

Another way of house cleaning helps with stress is the simplicity of a room once it’s been decluttered. Looking at too many things at once overloads your visual cortex and interferes with your brain’s ability to process information – this is why working at a clean desk helps you feel more on top of your work and calmer. 

3. Safeguarding from Injury

Staying on top of the cleaning, and particular, clutter, can prevent obstacles from building up in your home. Older members of the family are particularly vulnerable to falls, being the leading cause of injury-related death for adults age 65 and older, often as a result of traumatic brain injury. We’ve all seen how senior members of the family can otherwise be affected too, as it can lead to limited activity, reduced mobility, and a loss of fitness.

Safeguard older family members today by paying special attention to clearing away ground trailing electrical cords, clearing up spills and removing clutter that could catch someone off-guard. 

4. Burn Through Calories

You don’t even have to be up the ladder, getting leaves out of the guttering to be burning some serious calories while you clean. Even a regular cleaning session of hoovering and wiping sides over 1 hour could burn up to 205 calories. It would take you almost double that, up to 1 hour and 45 minutes to burn that using an exercise ball. 

5. Eat better

We’ve all been there. You’re peckish, you go to the kitchen to make something nice up for dinner and…whoever was there last has left pans everywhere. It’s not easy to try and eat healthier. When there’s extra effort involved, like clearing the sides or washing out pans first, it makes it so much more tempting to reach for an instant meal for the microwave. 

As well as getting on top of dirty dishes, a little bit of organisation can work wonders. Studies have found that when more calorific foods like biscuits and chocolate are out on the side, we’re so much more likely to fall prey to them then if we keep them out of sight and mind at the back of the cupboard. Look at it this way – if you’re looking for a snack, and fruit is the first thing you see, you’re that much more likely to stick to your guns!

There we have it. A cleaner home will make you better, both body and mind, making you healthier and more prepared to handle your day and the challenges that life throws at you. Happy cleaning!




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