22 Natural Household Cleaning Tips

Mar 11, 2016

1. Use home-made cleaners.

You can find all the recipes you will need to clean your entire house here.
*** http://aussiemummysdiary.com/every-cleaner-recipe-youll-need-for-your-bathroom ***

2. Stock up on ingredients.

I like to keep a good stock of my most commonly used natural household cleaning ingredients on hand.

  • Salt
  • White vinegar
  • Bi-carbonate soda
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Lemons

3. Re-useable cloths

Cup old close up and use them as cleaning rags. They can then be washed and re-used over and over again.

4. Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning stops the buildup of grime and dirt, making cleaning quicker and easier.

5. Sun

The sun can be useful for a wide range of cleaning jobs- killing mold, lightening and sometimes even removing stains on clothing, drying and removing smells. Best of all, it's FREE.

6. Clean ASAP

Cleaning up spills straight away is not only quicker and easier to clean but also reduces the amount soaking in and reducing the stain left behind.

7. Elbow grease

A little bit of elbow grease can go a long way in cleaning off built-up grime, soap scum, stains and marks among other things, without the need to use harsh and harmful chemicals.

8. Repeat Clean

Stubborn grime, burnt on or cooked on marks and the like can be difficult to get clean, often a clean, soak and re clean is required to get things completely clean.

9. Wipe spills

Wiping spills up as they happen help to avoid them soaking in and leaving worse stains and marks. It also helps to alleviate the need to wash your whole lounge or shampoo the whole carpet in a room.

10. Fresh air

Fresh air is amazing for a variety of things, including- drying and removing smells leaving fabrics, lounges, clothing, blankets, etc. smelling fresher and clean.

11. Wash it up

Just because you don't use it to cook or to eat off doesn't mean it can't be washed up. Hot water and dish liquid will clean most surfaces perfectly.

12. Use a checklist

Using a cleaning checklist can be useful to ensure you are cleaning everything affectively and not forgetting anything.

13. Clean as you go

There is a reason that your mother told you to clean up after yourself. Tiny little acts such as washing a plate and putting it away goes a very long way to keeping a household cleaner and tidier.

14. Open windows

Opening windows and doors to allow fresh air inside will get the air inside circulating, which in turn reduces odours, dries out the room (and stuff in it) and helps to prevent mould growth.

15. Empty regularly

It sounds so simple, but emptying your rubbish, recycle, compost and vacuum cleaner regularly reduces odours in the home. It's also one less thing to attract unwanted visitors.

16. Keep pets groomed

Keeping pets well groomed will reduce the amount of hair and fluff they leave around your home, and reduce any pet odours. They'll also be less likely to get fleas and infest your home.

17. Keep yards tidy

Any dirt and dust from outdoors will end up indoors, be it by getting walked in on someone's feet or blown in an open window. Keeping your yards tidy and well maintained will reduce the amount of dirt and dust that does end up indoors.

18. Verandas & Pathways

Verandah sand pathways are the last place walked before entering the house, keeping them clean and swept daily will reduce the amount of dirt that gets walked in.

19. Dishwashing water

Never under estimate the power of dish liquid and hot water to clean. If it can't be washed inside in the sink, try using the bath tub as a super-sized sink, or a bucket for portability. Basically anything that can't go in the washing machine can be washed with dishwashing water.

Some of things I use dishwashing water to wash include:

  • My car
  • Motorcycles
  • Windows
  • Animal’s trays, cages, etc
  • The fridge
  • Kitchen cupboards
  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Lino & tiles
  • Light shades & fans

20. Hot water

Using hot water makes cleaning anything easier.
Rinse glass, ceramics and tiles in hot water for a streak free shine.

21. Outdoors

Take things outdoors to clean them as much as possible, this will reduce the amount of mess made inside that will then need to be cleaned up.

22. Minimalize

The less stuff you have, the less stuff you need to clean or move to clean around. Many items in our homes are unused and really just sit around collecting dust, get rid of anything you no longer use, want or need.


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About the Author:

Virginia is a busy 'Mum' to 5 girls, juggling 2 small businesses, a blog, university and children. When she's not working or looking after her family, Virginia spends most of her time outdoors- usually in the garden. Calling the Mid North Coast of New South Wales home, Virginia is lucky enough to be able to enjoy the bush and the beach with-in walking distance of her home.

Passionate about animals and wildlife, Virginia also breeds budgerigars and rabbits. With veggie gardens lining her fences, Virginia is often found cooking and always feeds her children the freshest of foods, free from preservatives, additives and all those other nasties.

With 5 kids and a menagerie of animals around her home, and a busy schedule, germs are not welcome in Virginia's home. Virginia has become an expert at cleaning. There isn't anything she can't clean!

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